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How To Customize Cars With Metal Bases

Today I’ll be sharing something I have been asked on more than one...

Your Custom Hot Wheels 8

Welcome to the 8th installment of My Your Custom Hotwheels – Episode 8,...

My [Hellaflush] Fair Lady

This hellasweet post is also a How To Guide for Hot Wheels Decals as I will be sharing some tips on using clear vs. white backed decals and how to benefit from the best of both worlds. Now sit back and watch as we turn this Fair Lady into a K&N Sponsored Fat Girl in Uggs

How To Quickly & Easily Rust Hot Wheels

Welcome to another Hot Wheels How To, although this one is more of a H…awesome Hot Wheels Hack because we’ve taken the age old trick of creating that rusted dumped car look and simplified the hell out of it.

How To Make Wing Mirrors

Following up on our Scratch Build special – today I’ve been lucky enough to get the input from two highly talented customisers who each share their method for creating side mirrors in 1:64 scale for your next custom Hot Wheels creation.