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Come With Miss Piggy – Go With Moon

I dont always come with Miss Piggy but when I do I Go With Moon. Watch as I wave goodbye to Miss Piggy and her elegant Chrysler Airflow and say hi to a ratted out custom hotrod. It’ll give you Moon Eyes

The Ultimate Custom Suspension Guide

The Ultimate guide to raising the height of Hot Wheels Diecast Cars. From the simplest hack to fully adjustable working suspension this is the long and short of creating suspension in 1:64 scale

The Radio Fly’n Drag’n Wagon

One of my Shits n’ Giggles creations actually got past the WIP stage and entered the done and dusted section, and although that fact in and of itself is quite amazing, the finished product was even more so… ahem, well it was alright I suppose 😉

My Mazda MX5 Miata Meet

MMMMM… I love the smell of alliteration in the morning 😉 Today we...

How To Customize Cars With Metal Bases

Today I’ll be sharing something I have been asked on more than one...