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Your Custom Hot Wheels 10

Every month I showcase the finest customs I find around Facebook and Instagram, collating them all into one article so you can get your monthly fix of custom hot wheels and diecast car porn all in one place. This isn’t about My Custom Hotwheels, it’s about Yours!

Nutella. How Do You Eat Yours?

Today it gives me great pleasure to share with you the story of my little...

The GLu-10 Free Wheeler

What do you get when you cross a Hot Wheels Bread Box casting with a Kool Kombi? Why the first ever Gluten Free Custom Hot Wheels that’s what!

The Customiser Spotlight | WitheredCustomz

Today it gives me great pleasure to introduce a long time customising friend and someone who inspired me back when I first started customizing, not only because of his awesome creations but because he was/is such a down to earth approachable bloke. I’m speaking of course about Sean aka @Witheredcustomz

How To Make a Hot Wheels Diorama

Today it gives me great pleasure to welcome back Master Gram Spina aka @hotrod_crazy with another masterful How-To Guide covering some of the more intricate details around creating a 1:64 scale diorama for your Hot Wheels and assorted diecast cars.
I guess one could say Gram is showing us how to put the DRAMA back in DIORAMA – because let’s be honest, a diorama without any is simply an io. And WTF’s an io?!?!? Exactly! … no more questions your honor 😉