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How To Make a Hot Wheels Diorama

Today it gives me great pleasure to welcome back Master Gram Spina aka @hotrod_crazy with another masterful How-To Guide covering some of the more intricate details around creating a 1:64 scale diorama for your Hot Wheels and assorted diecast cars.
I guess one could say Gram is showing us how to put the DRAMA back in DIORAMA – because let’s be honest, a diorama without any is simply an io. And WTF’s an io?!?!? Exactly! … no more questions your honor 😉

The Dub Stepper

This Custom Volkswagen Kool Kombi started low and slow but in typical low rider style soon bounced, popped and locked it’s way to badass-ville.

Your Custom Hot Wheels 9

Welcome to the 9th installment of My Your Custom Hotwheels – Episode 9,...

The Customiser Spotlight | Guillo Customs

Although I’ve been slack of late with regards to bringing you regular customiser spotlight and Your Custom Hotwheels posts, I am about to more than make up for things by sharing the work of a true master craftsman, one Guillo Briceno.
Make yourself comfortable because there are a lot of amazing builds from @Guillo_Customs for you to enjoy. More than meets the eye in fact 😉

Come With Miss Piggy – Go With Moon

I dont always come with Miss Piggy but when I do I Go With Moon. Watch as I wave goodbye to Miss Piggy and her elegant Chrysler Airflow and say hi to a ratted out custom hotrod. It’ll give you Moon Eyes