Life on the Shelf - Your 1:64 Scale Diorama Update

Welcome to another installment of life on the shelf. In case you missed last week - here it is. And now where were we? 

Nothing too exciting has happened this week (selling it well Alex) although the police have finally made an appearance; hardly surprising given the amount of 'fully sick' JDM goodness cruising around.

The police are however finally learning their lessons and realising their tough V8s suck dogs balls compared to the buzz of turbocharged awesomeness and have employed an Evo X. 

I'd like us all to take a moment to pay homage to the awesomeness that is the Evo, and to respect and remember the late and great 4G63. In boost we trust.

Ok that is all. Moving on. :p

Super Treasure Hunts Spotted!

A couple of supers were spotted out of their blisters causing an uproar among the carded community. Apparently they were going to take action but sadly couldn't get out of their protector paks and so were left to sit at home and compare wheel variations. :p

What is it with Audi Drivers?!

8.3 times out of 13*, if there is someone tailgating you or generally driving like a peanut then they are driving an Audi. Fact.

What is it with Audi drivers? Normally I wouldn't generalise like this but it seems it also happens when it is in 1:64 scale as well!?! C'mon?!

*Statistic is totally random - much like the lane changes and speed control of most Audi drivers. You are however 8.3 times more likely to want to punch your neighbours pet turtle in the face after an encounter with an Audi driver. Totally fact!

All jokes aside, please enjoy (and feel free to share it on Facebook - there's a button down the bottom and everything 😉


  • Small petrol tanks in these things I'm told. Clearly I'm told right :p
  • This is the second stop off - honest! #Gasguzzlers
  • Datto wagons cruising the strip
  • But wait! Is that a Super out of it's blister!??
  • That car is awful close. Must be an Audi 😉
  • JDM Meet STILL going on in the carpark. Not complaining though 🙂
  • Took an Evo to catch him. Let's hope for the skyline's sake there's no corners coming up 😉
  • It may be an Audi but I'll have an RS6 ANY day of the week thank you! Yummmm
  • Audi IRATE. I mean R8. Sorry
  • Datsun'ice photo :p
  • I think he's got him. Can't confirm
  • Typical.. and the Hondas are filling up AGAIN?!?
  • I'm hoping there's some sort of Fast n Furious style getaway planned. Stay tuned...



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