Toyota Celica TA22 and a Permanent Marker

Who Said You Need Paint?!

One of my earlier customs, this Toyota Celica TA22 was released as a mainline in red with what I think is some very nice looking tampo action. I decided that I wanted to change the colour of the car but I didn't want to lose those nice subtle tampos.

Cue the Artline Permanent Marker

I had already been attacking cars with a gold paint pen (see the cars here) so I knew painting with an airbrush or spray can weren't the only avenues available to go down, but to be honest I didn't think a permanent marker would work... not this well anyway!

I then completed the customisation and transformation of this diecast car by swapping the wheels for some watanabe style Real Riders (from the Honda Civic Boulevard)

So much JDM. So much WIN.

Please enjoy these images as well as the slideshow below.


custom diecast JDM toyota celica TA22 custom diecast JDM toyota celica TA22 custom diecast JDM toyota celica TA22

The slideshow will play automatically, although you can simply click away if 5 seconds is too long on each pic LOL... no serious, I have no patience and it would be too long for me

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  • Old pic from the Diorama early days
  • I better get some updated pics of this lovely thing...



Author: Alex

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  1. That looks great in black!Nice job!!

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    • Thanks Dave! And I agree. Should have brought out a Super variant like this or something 🙂

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  2. I’m curious, did you only use a permanent marker for this? No added outer layer off polyurethane on it?

    I want to also know if this works with any permanent marker?

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    • I used an artline permanent marker – I have since changed to using Sharpie brand. Both work and yes amazingly all I used here was the Artline marker – no prep work, no other medium – 100% marker FTW

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