How To Get That Stretched Tyre Look

A few days ago I showed you how to make deep dish wheels for your 1:64 scale Hotwheels and the feedback through Facebook and Instagram has been positively awesome. 

As such I wanted to extend on this theme with a quick hack to get that stretched tyre look for your custom Hotwheels cars. 

When we made our deep dish wheels we actually shaved the edges of the tyres to create the stretched look we are going for here, but I wanted to focus primarily on this method in it's own post, mainly because this hack requires nothing more than a dremel or bench grinder and some patience. I also wanted to draw your attention to another brand of wheels that actually suit this stretched tire look SOOOO much more than your Hotwheels mainline versions. 

What's The Best Type of Wheel to Use?

I guess there is no right answer to this question, I mean it's all a matter of taste really. But if you have really good taste like me 😉  then you'll agree that the wheels I am about to show you are just, well perfect.
They come from Matchbox and the concave design lends itself beautifully to the stretched tyre look we are trying to achieve here. 
The main wheel design I particularly like is the 5 spoke design, available in black and chrome, although the multi-spoke (bordering on mesh) design will also look really good when the edges are shaved and they're tucked under a customised JDM 1:64 scale car.

Check 'em out, you've probably got at least 3 cars with them on it sitting within arms reach. (I'm right aren't I? We collectors are a sad bunch LMAO)

  • The concave design as well as the depth of each space between spokes make this the perfect wheel choice.
  • Smaller versions of the last wheels we saw. Nice Alfa too.
  • Same wheels in black (with chrome ring)
  • Or without the chrome ring. Tough!
  • Even these multispoke (bordering on mesh) wheels would look awesome due to the severity of the concave

How to Make 1:64 Scale Wheels Looked Stretched

The images below will show in much more detail how to actually grind the wheels down so that they look like they are stretched tires, but be sure to read through the following steps as they cover a few do's and don'ts.

Grinding Down the Wheels.

I'm going to be using a Dremel with a grinding attachment for this exercise. The best tool for this job would be a bench grinder so if you have one then 1: I hate you, and 2: obviously the process listed below would not quite apply. Anywho...

  1. Make sure the wheel you are dealing with is connected to an axle. This goes without saying but there, I said it.
  2. Hold the axle in your hand so that the wheel you are grinding is above your thumb and forefinger and the other wheel is below. The reason we have to seperate the wheels is because tiny bits of plastic get stuck between the two wheels and cease them up completely.
  3. I recommend wearing thin gloves, or if you have a thimble even better, because as the wheel spins it will constantly push down onto your thumb tip and forefinger causing friction burn. (This is why I want a bench grinder LOL)
  4. Turn the Dremel on to 3/4 power and slowly work the head around the edges of the hotwheels wheel, increasing the angle as you go to create a naturally curved look. 
    *Be careful you don't go too far around or you'll give yourself gutter rush - before you've even driven it out of the shop!
  5. Once you are happy with the results turn the axle around and repeat.


  • For demonstration purposes - (I had to hold the camera in one hand so focus only on how I am holding the tyre.)
  • Slowly move the tyre in a circular motion over the dremel, which should stay fixed in one spot
  • the tighter the angle, the better the result
  • And that's about as far as she'll go 😉
  • Side by side comparison. Looks much better yes?
  • Top view comparison
  • The finished product in place
  • Added a bit of negative camber. Not sure I like it as it hides all my hard work 😉

Special Mention

I would like to send a huge shout out to Chris Huntley aka @78Toy4dr on Instagram. (Be sure to follow him if you aren't already!)

For those who don't know Chris, he is one of the pioneers of the 1/64 scale deep dish, stretched tyre look that is oh so hellasweet. 

Although every idea I have shared with you here is original, at least in the sense I figured it out for myself, it is fair to say that without the inspiration of @78Toy4dr and his amazing wheels I would probably have never even considered the possibility. 

So for that, and for continuing to produce awesome JDM spec Hellaflush wheels, I thank and salute  you.

Share your Thoughts.

Be sure to share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below, and as always - if you like what you see then please share the love.

And for those who haven't caught the guide on making full deep dish 1/64 scale wheels be sure to check the article out - you can read it hereIf you aren't inspired by that then stay tuned, because I'll be sharing some of the awesome efforts of the readers that are - and can I just say, wow!




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