How To Customize Hot Wheels & Diecast Cars

Here you will find everything you need to get started, from removing wheels and tampos, to making your own axles and repainting the car itself. Please know that all of the methods I share here are what I have personally found to have worked the best and most consistently over time. I realise there are a thousand different ways to go about customizing your Hot Wheels die-cast cars so if you find taking a little of my advice and mixing it with something you heard elsewhere then go for it. Or as Homer would say  “A little from column A, a little from column B”

how to customise hot wheels diecast cars

Official Disclaimer/Warning Notice:
Learning how to customize Hot Wheels is an addictive hobby habbit that will completely and utterly take over your life – Unless of course you are a sane person who actually knows when to stop and doesn’t obsess over each and every little thing.  – ‘Yes well Alex, why can’t you be more like this?!’

I hope you find the information and more importantly, the inspiration you need to go off and start growing  your own collection of customized Hot Wheels.


Painting 101 – How To Get a Finish Like Glass

A painting guide by @CircuitR_Hotwheels – How to get that wet look, glass like finish on your hotwheels diecast cars. Spray painting and airbrushing tips to help you achieve a flawless paintjob.

How To Strip Paint Off Diecast Cars

VIDEO – Here’s my method for stripping the paint from my Hot Wheels… It’s quick easy and the only way I’d ever strip paint off any diecast car.

Slammed Toyota Hilux – The Low Lux

The Toyota Hilux casting from Hot Wheels comes from the factory higher than a junkie on dole day. It was time to bring this pickup down to earth and turn the Hilux into a Lowlux

How To Make a Mini Truck Tilt Bed

We have learned how to make hinging doors and bonnets for our Hot Wheels but now we take things up a level. This awesome Guide comes from Scott B and teaches us how to make Tilting, Dumping & Dancing Beds for our 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Diecast Cars, I mean Mini Trucks.

Hot Wheels Leaf Spring Suspension Guide

Today it gives me great pleasure to bring you a guest post and a brilliant hack to create adjustable leaf spring type suspension using nothing more than cable ties (zip-ties) and some ingenuity.

Beginners Bible & Customizer FAQ

Aimed at the beginner but written to provide solutions to the broader customising community, the following All-Inclusive How-To Guide and Customizer FAQ starts with the very basics and goes on to cover almost every facet of customising diecast cars.

Hot Wheels Diorama – How To Find 1:64 Scale Figures

Finding diorama figures in Hot Wheels 1:64 scale is either really hard or really expensive… usually both. But with a little savvy know-how and some out-of-the-box thinking you’ll be able to add a whole variety of figures to your 1/64 scale diorama. Crowds of them in fact.

How and Where To Find Real Riders & Custom Wheels

I think the more appropriate question we need to be asking is ‘What Factory Release Vehicles Come With Real Rider Wheels?’ because one cannot expect to know how to find real rider wheels if one does not know where to look*

*I’m going all Confucius on you – do you feel enlightened yet?

How To Make a Hot Wheels Diorama

Today it gives me great pleasure to welcome back Master Gram Spina aka @hotrod_crazy with another masterful How-To Guide covering some of the more intricate details around creating a 1:64 scale diorama for your Hot Wheels and assorted diecast cars.
I guess one could say Gram is showing us how to put the DRAMA back in DIORAMA – because let’s be honest, a diorama without any is simply an io. And WTF’s an io?!?!? Exactly! … no more questions your honor 😉

The Ultimate Custom Suspension Guide

The Ultimate guide to raising the height of Hot Wheels Diecast Cars. From the simplest hack to fully adjustable working suspension this is the long and short of creating suspension in 1:64 scale

How To Customize Cars With Metal Bases

Today I'll be sharing something I have been asked on more than one occasion, and to be honest really should have posted earlier - I mean one cannot claim to have the largest repository of How-To guides relating to customizing diecast cars if one does not cover the all...

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