How To Customize Hot Wheels & Diecast Cars

Here you will find everything you need to get started, from removing wheels and tampos, to making your own axles and repainting the car itself. Please know that all of the methods I share here are what I have personally found to have worked the best and most consistently over time. I realise there are a thousand different ways to go about customizing your Hot Wheels die-cast cars so if you find taking a little of my advice and mixing it with something you heard elsewhere then go for it. Or as Homer would say  “A little from column A, a little from column B”

how to customise hot wheels diecast cars

Official Disclaimer/Warning Notice:
Learning how to customize Hot Wheels is an addictive hobby habbit that will completely and utterly take over your life – Unless of course you are a sane person who actually knows when to stop and doesn’t obsess over each and every little thing.  – ‘Yes well Alex, why can’t you be more like this?!’

I hope you find the information and more importantly, the inspiration you need to go off and start growing  your own collection of customized Hot Wheels.


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