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Crushed Candy

My latest creation, a ‘Manga Tuner’ inspired Cartoon custom of the now infamous (and stupidly expensive) RLC 55 Gasser aka ‘The Candy Striper’ came out rather well (even if I do say so myself).
Here’s the story of how I downloaded and played Candy Crush and got it all so very wrong (or did I get it oh so right? -insert twilight zone music- )

How The Grinch (Really) Stole Christmas

Today I'm sharing a Christmas custom that I built for a comp (but missed the deadline by like a week because I suck at time management LOL.)... Edit: The fact that I am only now publishing this in June of 2020 only serves to cement that fact LMAO. This one went out to...

Building Nemo

Building Nemo from a Pez Dispenser and a Hot Wheels Kool Kombi casting was the easy part. It was FINDING the time to make NEMO that was hardest. This article also includes an introduction to the ultimate guide to working with two=part epoxy putty and modelling resin.

Lightning McQueen and Volks McWagen

Had fun turning a Hot Wheels Volkswagen T2 pickup and a Disney Cars Mini Racers Lightning McQueen into Mini McQueen and Volks McWagen. The customs turned out quite nice but it wasn’t until @ChadEMartinPhotography turned his camera onto them that they really popped! KACHOW indeed.

Purple Powered People Eaters

OK so there’s no persons being consumed anywhere – in any shape of form. But how could I resist adding it to the title?! Besides, who doesn’t love the smell of alliteration in the morning?! :p

It has also just occurred to me that all three of these shiny purple customs are of European descent – and if you know your car brands will realise that in fact all three brands are owned by Volkswagen AG – which itself is majority owned by the Porsche family. So it seems that no matter how far you travel in these European automotive circles, you always end up back where you Stuttgarted ๐Ÿ˜‰

MCH Meets Professional Photographer

And the results are mind really. OK sorry, let me step down off of my soap box for a second... *kicks it to the side as if nothing happened* My Custom Hotwheels Have Never Looked So Good! Ahem so recently I was lucky enough to be invited by a good friend...

Slammed Toyota Hilux – The Low Lux

The Toyota Hilux casting from Hot Wheels comes from the factory higher than a junkie on dole day. It was time to bring this pickup down to earth and turn the Hilux into a Lowlux

Ferrari Tow Eighty-Eight

What do you get when you cross a Ferrari 288GTO with the Hot Wheels Tow-Jam Casting? – A bloody fast Tow Truck is what! Introducing the Ferrari Tow Eighty-Eight.

Minion Motorsports

Introducing my take on the Minions in 1:64 scale. Meet Stuart, Kevin & Bob – the unofficial Hot Wheels Minions that are better than the official ones…I reckon anyway

Krispy Kreme Customs

My Custom Hotwheels recently partnered with Krispy Kreme Australia to help promote their Tropical Summer Doughnut range – and the results were delicious!

Nutella. How Do You Eat Yours?

Today it gives me great pleasure to share with you the story of my little Sister's wedding present, a story that's as sweet as it is nutty. It's also utterly delicious and so easy to spread (so go on then, spread the love and share this awesome story with your...

The GLu-10 Free Wheeler

What do you get when you cross a Hot Wheels Bread Box casting with a Kool Kombi? Why the first ever Gluten Free Custom Hot Wheels that’s what!

The Dub Stepper

This Custom Volkswagen Kool Kombi started low and slow but in typical low rider style soon bounced, popped and locked it’s way to badass-ville.

Come With Miss Piggy – Go With Moon

I dont always come with Miss Piggy but when I do I Go With Moon. Watch as I wave goodbye to Miss Piggy and her elegant Chrysler Airflow and say hi to a ratted out custom hotrod. It’ll give you Moon Eyes

The Radio Fly’n Drag’n Wagon

One of my Shits n’ Giggles creations actually got past the WIP stage and entered the done and dusted section, and although that fact in and of itself is quite amazing, the finished product was even more so… ahem, well it was alright I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰

Volkswagen Squareback Tanker

The Volkswagen Squareback that became a Tanker-back and went on to win a custom VW Hot Wheels competition. Follow me as I take you through what turned out to be the quickest build in history….kinda.

Volkswagen Storm Trooper-Hauler

I wanted it to look flush – as if it was part of the initial design and not an afterthought* (Herein lies the key to good custom creations vs. average ones) and so attacked the plastic roof section with my blade… *Follow me as I put this odd creation together

Custom 77 Dodge Firetruck

A last minute decision to enter a custom Dodge Van competition saw me hacking at firetrucks and tankers, the results of which were… second place! D’OH

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