Here you will find all my favourite and best custom work. Please enjoy thisĀ ever growing portfolio

I am also available for custom work, please contact me here with your enquiries.

Custom 62 Chevy Hauler

The Custom 62 Chevy from Hot Wheels is a beautiful casting. Looks even better when you combine it with a Hotwheels Fast Bed Hauler.

Datsun’icely Slammed Wagon

One of my earliest customs, this Datsun 510 Wagon was given a set of colour coded Watanabe Wheels and dumped like she was yesterday’s trash

Got Stance?

Do you declare your allegiance to this great nation of stance? This Hellaflush Honda S2K sure does.

C3PO Kool Kombi

This Kool Kombi C3PO custom is how Hotwheels should have released the Star Wars C3PO in the first place. You’ll agree when you see this custom build šŸ˜‰

Boneshaker Rat-Rod Custom

This custom boneshaker hotrod was thrown together in less than 30 minutes – ironically because another boneshaker custom sat idling for too long…

Custom Work Wheels Delivery Caddy

This custom Volkswagen Caddy aka the Work Wheels Delivery Caddy was my entry into Friday Night Likes, an Instagram Custom Competition. I placed 3rd which is Hellasweet

The Gruffalo

His eyes are orange, his tongue is black, he’s got purple prickles all over his back. Oh help, oh no. It’s a Gruffalo!… in custom Hotwheels form

Daisy Delivery and The General

This custom Dairy Delivery Van and 69 Dodge Charger were given the General Lee treatment and earned me my first Lamley Customs Feature!

BTTF Delorean in Hover Mode

The Back to The Future Delorean was caught in hovermode today. Having some fun with the new Hotwheels BTTF Delorean Hover, with a little help from photoshop

Custom Datsun 510 Wagon with Bucket Seats

My first attempt at interior mods saw me hack seats from another brand of car and then attempt to get them into the datsun 510 wagon, all without a dremel!

Breadbox and Datsun 240z

The look of raw die-cast is surprisingly sweet – and hey, it’s one less thing to have to do :p

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