Your Custom Hotwheels 5

Welcome to the fifth installment of My Your Custom Hotwheels – Week 5, January 27th, 2016. 

Every 2 weeks I showcase the finest customs I find around Facebook and Instagram, collating them all into one article so you can get your fortnightly fix of custom hot wheels and diecast car porn all in one place.  This isn’t about My Custom Hotwheels, it’s about Yours ?

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Your Custom Hotwheels Week 5

As usual these customs are in no particular order. I encourage you to follow these guys on Instagram and get involved on our Facebook Group where you can find a lot of the non Instagram customisers sharing their awesome creations..

Again it seems the customising world is collectively lifting their game – with some truly incredible creations coming out of the woodwork…or would that be diecast mould? Who cares! – let’s see some customs 🙂

@Madworxkustom (Hadi)

madworxkustom von death 1

madworxkustom von death 3

madworxkustom von death 2

madworxkustom devil shaker 1

madworxkustom devil shaker 6

madworxkustom devil shaker 3

madworxkustom devil shaker 5

madworxkustom devil shaker 4

madworxkustom devil shaker 8

Hardwithicess MEltinice

Hardwithicess MEltinice - pair of Evo Xs

Hardwithicess MEltinice - BMW 2002 WIP

Hardwithicess MEltinice - BMW 2002 3

Hardwithicess MEltinice - BMW 2002 2

Hardwithicess MEltinice - BMW 2002 1

Iamdezri Maninang

Iamdezri Maninang - custom 86s Iamdezri Maninang - 240zs

@lukesHotwheels (Luke Baumstark)

lukeshotwheels - moon eyes pair

@Masanong (Pisut Masanong )

dream 240Z by Pisut Masanong - 90percent complete

dream 240Z by Pisut Masanong

stanced diorama by Pisut Masanong

diorama days by Pisut Masanong 3

diorama days by Pisut Masanong 2

diorama days by Pisut Masanong 1

@Carllector (Douglas Cheung)

Carllector - Porsche Rauh Welt set of 3

Carllector - Porsche Rauh Welt 4

Carllector - Porsche Rauh Welt 1

Carllector - GTR then and now 1

Carllector - Hako 3

Carllector - Hako 4

@Massputrakustomz (Mass Putra)

massputrakustomz - tomica s13

massputrakustomz - rocket bunny R35

massputrakustomz - rocket bunny R35 2

massputrakustomz - rocket bunny 180

massputrakustomz - rocket bunny 180 2

Jude Thomas

Jude Thomas Trayvilla Dirty Trucks 1

Jude Thomas Trayvilla Dirty Trucks 2

Randy G Burch

Randy G Burch - Poor Boys Wrecking Unit

Randy G Burch - Red Baron redo

@Macustomizer (Mark Cary)

macustomizer - ford coca cola pickup 2 macustomizer - ford coca cola pickup 1


Paul Customs ratrod 4

Paul Customs ratrod 2

Paul Customs ratrod 1

Natan KampoengExtreme

Natan KampoengExtreme - Kool Kombi-Nation

Natan KampoengExtreme - Kool Kombi-Nation 2


alinhelga - vw 3

alinhelga - vw 2

alinhelga - vw 1

alinhelga - mk1 golf 3

alinhelga - mk1 golf 2

alinhelga - mk1 golf 1

alinhelga - low n slow ford van

Andy Mallon

Andy Mallon - Gulf Caddy

@78Toy4Dr (Chris T Huntley)

Chris T Huntley 78Toy4dr RX7 rolling on 784s

@Dubformers (Jesse)

Dubformers combi patina awesome

@Fransipretorius (Francois Pretorius)

francois pretorius is fransipretorius69

Francois Pretorius - chevy and trailer combo 2

Francois Pretorius - chevy 2

Francois Pretorius - chevy 1


mangagarage - chevy and hog 3 mangagarage - chevy and hog 2 mangagarage - chevy and hog 1


marfelcustoms delivery truck

marfelcustoms chevy impala

Brian Moffitt

Brian Moffitt - crazy Tbucket pairing

Charlie Anderson

Charlie Anderson - Chevy Towtruck 2

Charlie Anderson - Chevy Towtruck 1

Wahyu Sib

Wahyu Sib crazy chevy custom tow

@Witheredcustomz (Sean Mckim)

witheredcustomz - chevy hauler witheredcustomz - chevy hauler 2

Scott Ridley

Scott Ridley - incredible hotrod with details 4

Scott Ridley - incredible hotrod with details 3

Scott Ridley - incredible hotrod with details 2

Scott Ridley - incredible hotrod with details 1

Scott Ridley - blown toon vette WIP

Scott Ridley - blown toon vette 3

Scott Ridley - blown toon vette 2

Scott Ridley - blown toon vette 1

Xavier Puente

Xavier Puente - Chocolate Kombi

Xavier Puente - Chocolate Kombi in box

TJ Snodgrass

TJ Snodgrass Tbucket towtruck 3 TJ Snodgrass Tbucket towtruck 1

TJ Snodgrass Junkyard dog 2 TJ Snodgrass Junkyard dog 1

TJ Snodgrass farm rod 2 TJ Snodgrass farm rod 1

Yazid Ajied

Yazid Ajied - stretch bentley

Yazid Ajied - stretch bentley WIP

@Ripcitycuztoms (Corey Zezzo)

ripcitycuztoms - Golf

ripcitycuztoms - Golf 3

ripcitycuztoms - Golf 2

ripcitycuztoms - BMW ripcitycuztoms - BMW 2


gr8_mini herbie custom gr8_mini herbie custom 2

@RichardFormula1 (Richard Marotta)

RichardFormula1 Tein NSX

RichardFormula1 180 1

@unibobber_customs (Darrin Nuner)

Darrin Nuner Red baron bike 3

Darrin Nuner Red baron bike 2

Darrin Nuner Red baron bike 1

Derrick Chai

Derrick Chai - Integra 3

Derrick Chai - Integra 2

Derrick Chai - Integra 1

Juan Daniel Villanueva Ortega

Juan Daniel Villanueva Ortega - rat rod tow truck

Javiel Cruz Rosa

Javiel Cruz Rosa - XWing Beetle 3

Javiel Cruz Rosa - XWing Beetle 2

Javiel Cruz Rosa - XWing Beetle 1

…and last but not least a little something by yours truly 😉

@Mycustomhotwheels (Alex Whalley)

Kombi Kopter collage 1 Kombi Kopter collage 2

That’s all folks! 

Thanks for your ongoing support for the MyCustomHotwheels hashtag on Instagram and the Facebook Group. We’re growing stronger every week and that’s all thanks to you guys – keep it up, and see you in two weeks for the next installment of Your Custom Hotwheels.




Author: Alex

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