Welcome to the very first edition of ‘Your Custom Hotwheels’

Every week I spend waaaaay too much time on Instagram and Facebook and I’m constantly being inspired and amazed at the overall awesomeness and general bad assery of the customs being created. As such I wanted to showcase these builds so that you too may be inspired and amazed.

As Was The Custom

I also want to take this time to show my respects and pay homage to the Lamley Customs Blog and their weekly ‘As Is The Custom’ piece. Lamley’s main blog is still active and providing top notch up to date information on Hotwheels and Matchbox but there has been no updates on the customs blog itself. Without this weekly dose of inspiration I feel lost and as such have taken it upon myself to pick up where Lamley left off, providing you with a catalogue of the most awesome customs I find around Instagram and Facebook every fortnight (that’s 2 weeks for my American friends)

Enjoy this most awesome selection of custom diecast cars, and remember to hashtag your own custom builds with #MyCustomHotwheels for a chance to be featured 🙂


I think Matthew (@veedub_Matt) said it best when he shared the post on Instagram so I will simply share his amazing words and the image of the many customs being created in support of a fellow customiser and noble cause.

You  can also read more about it as well as see each one of these amazing customs on Lamley’s Blog HERE

support for the beals and breast cancer

My Pick of YOUR Best CUSTOM HOTWHEELS | November 2015

I won’t make individual comments on each build as I think the pictures speak for themselves, and really who cares what I think right? 😉
What I will do is encourage you to follow these guys and gals on Instagram and Facebook (if you haven’t already that is)

Porsche 911(s) by @hhwhh_customz 

hhwhh_customz Porsche911

hhwhh_customz Porsche911 4

hhwhh_customz Porsche911 3

hhwhh_customz Porsche911 2

Marlboro Dairy Delivery by Daniel Hew @hewdaniel

Daniel Hew - Marlboro Dairy 4 hewdaniel

Daniel Hew - Marlboro Dairy 3 hewdaniel

Daniel Hew - Marlboro Dairy 2 hewdaniel

Daniel Hew - Marlboro Dairy 1

Mr Bean Mini and GT86 by @eugztech_custom

mr bean mini diecast car eugztech_customs rocket bunny 86 1

Datsun’ice Pair of Customs – by @Fenddiecast

fendie_diecast - set 1 fenddiecast - datsuns 3 fenddiecast - datsuns 2

Rusted VW Beetle by @i.s.customs

i.s.customs ratted beetle

Bad Ass Rat-T-Rod(?) by Rich @Layn720

layn720 -t rod 3 layn720 -t rod 2 layn720 -t rod 1

(dumped and detailed) Datsun 620 by @macustomizer

macustomizer - datsun620

Honda Civic by Minh To @Minh427

minh427 - civic 2

minh427 - civic 1

SDCC Kool Kombi Kopy by @namme127

namme127 mandms 2


namme127 mandms 1

Nissan 180sx by @oscar7_garage

oscar7_garage 180 1 oscar7_garage 180 2

Dakar Spec Porsche by @philiphilip

philiphilip - porsche 4

philiphilip - porsche 3

philiphilip - porsche 2

philiphilip - porsche 1

Liberty Walk GTR35 by Pisut Masanong @masanong

(ok I confess that this isn’t actually a recent find but rather one of my all time favourites and so had to be included in the first Your Custom Hotwheels Post)

Pisut GTR35 2

Pisut GTR35 4

Pisut GTR35 3

Pisut GTR35

Datsun 620 by @raditya_kosasih

raditya_kosasih - datsun620 2

raditya_kosasih - datsun620 1

Gold! Porsche by Rashdi Razaha @mistadixster

Rashdi Razaha Gold Porsche 3

Rashdi Razaha Gold Porsche 1

Rashdi Razaha Gold Porsche 2

Austin Mini pickup by Richard Marotta

Richard Marotta mini 1

Richard Marotta mini 2

Richard Marotta mini 3

Ratted Caddy. Raddy? by @ripcitycuztoms

ripcitycuztoms -caddy

55 Chevy Panelvan by @Royalesyndicate

royalesyndicate - 55 chevy panel

Boneshakers by @shadrat_kustoms

shadrat_kustoms - boneshaker shadrat_kustoms - boneshaker 2

BMW E30 M3 by @Sugarspeed

sugarspeed M30 3

sugarspeed M30 2

sugarspeed M30 1

Rust Rod by Todd Jeremiah

Todd Jeremiah - mish mash rat rod

And last but not least, some of the insane customs by Rob @sits2low
(again these are older customs that I drool over regularly)

sits2low -framework

sits2low - truck and dragbus

sits2low - truck and dragbus blue

sits2low - custom ute

sits2low - custom truck and dragbus red

And one more – Chevy Hauler by @MyCustomHotwheels... what? it’s a bloody neat build OK! :p

chevy hauler 1 chevy hauler 2

Now go follow these insane customizers… after you pick your jaw off the floor that is 😉



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