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Japan Police Customs

To celebrate the release of our new Japan Police Decals we decided first to improve the current mainline Japan Police 300ZX... but since when is 1 enough? NEVER, that's when. Don't Look Now, But We Have You Surrounded! Maybe it's just me but the Japanese Police livery...

Crushed Candy

My latest creation, a ‘Manga Tuner’ inspired Cartoon custom of the now infamous (and stupidly expensive) RLC 55 Gasser aka ‘The Candy Striper’ came out rather well (even if I do say so myself).
Here’s the story of how I downloaded and played Candy Crush and got it all so very wrong (or did I get it oh so right? -insert twilight zone music- )

Spectraflame 101 – Spray Paint Edition

We in the Hot Wheels world call it spectraflame but in the real (automotive) world it goes by many different names. You can call it Spectraflame, Pearl, Candy, Kandy (with a K) or even 2Pac, it’s no Biggie. Today we’ll experiment with a range of spray paints to discover how to get the best spectraflame paintjob on your next custom Hot Wheels build

Tooned Customs – A Manga Tuner Tribute

Welcome to another episode of Your Custom Hotwheels, the fortnightly feature post that isn’t about My Custom Hot Wheels, it’s about yours.
Today however is a little different as I wanted to pay homage to all the amazing customs I have seen since that utilise the deliciously dope and characteristically cute ‘Manga Tuner’ Casting which was introduced to the Hot Wheels mainline line-up earlier this year.

Your Custom Hotwheels Episode 25

Welcome to what has to be the most delayed episode of Your Custom Hotwheels ever! I know I've been slack of late but I'm here now so quit your whining! :p The Game Has Changed - But the Rules are the Same One thing I can say is that it has been incredible to see the...

Toilet Paper Hoarding War in 1:64 Scale

Toilet Paper Hoarders on my Diorama! Seriously what gives?! The world is going bat-shit crazy ( #seewhatIdidthere ) and whilst some of the panic is warranted, the majority of it is completely lacking in common sense. I mean I can understand the hoarding of the food...

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