Every few weeks the team here at MCH showcase the finest 1/64 scale customs found on Instagram and Facebook, collating them all into one article so you can get your monthly fix of custom hot wheels and diecast car porn all in one place.  This isn’t about My Custom Hotwheels, it’s about Yours…

Today however I took the easy option and after the initial response from a highly talented and super engaged group of customisers (go MCH members!) I realised this is the best way of collating these creations and I almost kicked myself for not taking this easy route earlier! Over 500 amazing customs from mild to wild were shared and broken into 4 video series – the first of which you can find here, the second of which you can find…. here , and the third part is the article you are about to peruse and thoroughly enjoy. Thoroughly OK! (none of this haphazard shit)

Enjoy the video, OH and tell me what you think of the new MCH branded intro? I reckon it’s pretty mint 😀 (But then I would say that)

*Remember to use the hashtag #MyCustomHotwheels for a chance to be featured – because once we have published all these amazing customs we will go back to the original method of finding custom using the MyCustomHotwheels hashtag on Instagram and by sharing your amazing builds from the My Custom Hotwheels Facebook Group

The Best 1:64 Scale Customs from Facebook – May Part 3

Once again I apologise for the lack of attribution – but once we go back to our regular programming of using Instagram and the #MyCustomHotwheels hashtag we will be able to appreciate all the custom goodness along with the creative owners of each. For now however just know that you can see the full list of owners by visiting the Facebook page/group and seeing the names of everyone who posted their amazing creations.

Thank you to everyone by the way – I might have inspired many of you to get started in this hobby but it is your ongoing creativity that now inspires me. #Respect

Best Custom Hot Wheels June 2019

Best Custom Hot Wheels June 2019


Best Custom Hot Wheels June 2019

One customiser didn’t have anything specific to share but said he was “Cooking something up” – let’s hope it’s less offensive than the cooking process itself

Best Custom Hot Wheels June 2019 Best Custom Hot Wheels June 2019




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