Great Scott!

That's the first thing I thought when I first saw the Delorean hovering over my diorama shelf! (stay with me here 😉 )

I thought the chances of catching it with the camera were slim but after it hung around for a while I realised that whilst it may have working hover actuators, the flux capacitor was useless unless they could come up with 1.21 Gigawatts...

1 point 21 gigawatts great scott

... just as a I thought :p

Marty, You're McFly's Undone.

Before I show you the finished product let me undo all my awesome work by revealing the initial pics. I had actually intended on just trying to get a shot that achieved a hover look without the need for photoshop - I almost achieved it with the last image (see below) 

But after staring at these images for all of 8 seconds I realised they needed to be photoshopped.


  • This is the only image I havent photoshopped - yet.
  • I achieved a hover look without photoshop... sort of

Add a Sprinkling of Photoshop...

Basically all I did was remove the Qtip (yep, it was a qtip I painted black and stuck in the hole where a lamp-post used to sit) using the clone stamp in photoshop and then added light effect using layers and changing the curve levels (and adding a Gaussian blur for anyone actually interested)... and the results are.... let's be honest - Freaking AMAZING!! 

Please Enjoy and Respect my Work

I have added the following photoshopped images as attachments so that you may download the original. Simply click on the image and it will open in full size on a new page and then save the image from there. Or simply right click and save the image from here... but look at it in all it's glory first! :p

All I ask is that you leave the watermark/brand in place and respect the time and effort I have put into creating these images. 

Thank you and enjoy... (hover sounds optional, but highly recommended)

Hotwheels BTTF Delorean in hover mode  by


Hotwheels BTTF Delorean in hover mode  by

Hotwheels BTTF Delorean in hover mode  by


I have added all the above images, as well as other filtered ones to the slider below.

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Until next time... which is soon since I'm writing another post to share my latest triumph 😉







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