Hotwheels Custom Datsun 510 Sedan

One of my earliest customs, this Datsun 510 sedan was found amongst my children's stash and I decided it was too JDM to go to waste :p

When I created this I had not discovered, nor had I the patience to find the right paint stripper to remove the paint so I simply sprayed over the existing colour, tampos and all. The funny thing is it actually turned out alright.. at least in this customisers mind anyway.

Tell me what you think via the comments and as always, if you like it - share it... or put a ring on it, whatever.

  • She really did start life as a 'barnyard find'
  • This angle isn't any prettier
  • The tampos showing through actually makes it look better! (I know, even I was surprised)
  • Added wheels from the Boulevard Civic and, hey not bad!
  • Posing with a friend. We'll meet our hellaflush friend later 😉



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