Welcome to another customiser spotlight, where we shine the light on extraordinary customisers in our ever growing community.

Today it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to a couple of guys working out of their little workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia. Although you may not have heard of them individually, when they get together they are quite the formidable duo – producing some incredible work under a really cool sounding pseudonym.

Today We Shine The Spotlight on @RoyaleSyndicate

Who and what is the Royale Syndicate?

Basically royalesyndicate is a custom scale diecast cars workshop which pretty much enjoying our life by wrecking most of stock diecast cars

How many of you are there?

We are two men army me and my friend as tag team partner but I’m here to represent him as well
My name is Irwan Taufiek and my friend’s name is Johan Berly

How long have you been customising hotwheels and diecast cars?

Im doing this since i was at my senior high
Start built a 1:32 scale vw dragbug after saw my friend work and still doin it ever since then things are just getting more serious about 2yrs ago till now

How or What Got You Interested in Hot Wheels in the First Place?

First car that i mess with mostly was 1:24 and 1:18th scale but not so long then I start to collecting and customized 1:43 scale and still doing it right now. But 1:64 scale was my favorite for custom .They are mostly Hotwheels & Tomica
Its fun doing a 1:64 diecast car because a small upgrade can really make a big difference between a stock & customized car – in other words the original factory look is shitty lol and so afterward I had lot of fun customizing ever since

And How Long Before You Turned From Collector to Customiser?

I think is other way around lol
When I bought and collect a certain car it is simply because i want to customise that car in some way. So then I bought it and that is why most of my collection is not a premium or expensive item because I will customize it. I also only customize 1:64 and 1:43 scale so I don’t collect other scales.

How old are you and what’s your family status – married? kids? serial killer on the run?

We both are family man – Nuff said lol

Where in the world do you call home?

My home and our workshop – in Jakarta, Indonesia

What is your favourite casting from hotwheels?

none actually but I will go with all retro japan cars (Vintage JDM FTW)

What sort of customs do you like doing the most?

Its depends what each individual car needs – so no favorite really
Basically im trying to get their most potential look without losing their character.
But sometimes Im just messing around with them and in the end it will either be a happy ending or end up in the trash can lol

Do you have a Favourite Custom? Why?

My favorite custom was basically will be a car that i’m very satisfied with the way they came out all in one package such as the paint was done properly,the wheels sit nicely, the detail were fine and the stance came out the way i want it. in other words they were finished much better than my expected

Where and How can people see more of your work?

Instagram and Facebook – the keyword is royalesyndicate.

You can find RoyaleSyndicate on Facebook here –> www.facebook.com/RoyaleSyndicate/
And be sure to follow them on Instagram by following this link here –> @ROYALESYNDICATE

Custom Work by @RoyaleSyndicate

Royale Syndicate Custom Hot Wheels Portfolio - Porsche GT2

Royale Syndicate Custom Hot Wheels Portfolio - Porsche GT2




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