Every 2nd week we highlight the work of one individual customiser and share their best custom diecast work for you to enjoy.

It’s time to shine a light on some extraordinary talent within the custom Hot Wheels community. It’s time for…


This week it gives me great pleasure to introduce a man who needs no intro… ducti…. well great!?! what the hell am I even doing here.
Mark Cary is the man behind the handle @Macustomizer (click that now and then click follow and then come back…I’ll wait – in fact here’s some hold music….in ummm picture form)Mark Cary - feature image
Done? Ok moving on…
As is tradition here at MyCustomHotwheels – and because Mark kindly agreed to share these personal details, here is some insight into the man who creates such badass – and always clean-as-a-pornstar’s-ass customs!

How long have you been customising hotwheels and diecast cars?

I originally started collecting Hotwheels back in the mid-90’s and started making customs around the same time. I got out of it around 2000 and got bit by the Hotwheels bug again about a year ago.

How old are you and what’s your home situation look like? 

I’m 45 (but internally and eternally 21!) I married my wife Melissa in 2012 and together we have 4 kids (2 from her and 2 from me) and a grandson that’s almost 2.

Where do you call home?

I live in Port Aransas, Texas.

What is your favourite casting from Hot wheels?

My favorite older casting is the Street Rodder, and my favorite modern casting right now has to be the Turbine Time. The cab has such a cool vintage look. Perfect for customizing!
Macustomizer favourite castings

What sort of customs do you like doing the most?

Trucks mostly. I love mini trucks and the minitruckin’ scene. Show trucks, Sport trucks. Anything lowered, bagged etc. And I love old vintage stuff and and anything with rust and patina.

Do you have a favourite? Why?

When I was growing up, my grandad owned a salvage yard. I spent a lot of time out there throughout my life, so the Jack Cary Salvage truck hauling the 32 Ford body is probably my favorite.

Where and How can people see more of your work?

My Instagram page is the most often updated. – Follow Mark here –> @Macustomizer
I also just started a monthly custom build-off page on Instagram called @best_of_show_monthly
In fact… There is a competition going on as we speak! Looking at this recent Instagram post I realise ‘Crap! I had better get a wriggle on!’
best of show monthly comp
Enough Talk Alex! Show me the Money Customs!..

Custom Hotwheels by Mac Customs

I thought we would start with some of Mark’s competition entries…

“My build for the @customsunderground “Ultimate Hunting Vehicle” build-off took 1st! Congrats to the other builders for some awesome builds! Can’t wait for the next one!”

Mark Cary - winner customsunderground comp

“My 2nd place build for a Facebook Batman themed build-off. Fun one!”

Mark Cary - second place batman build

“My build for the @fnlcustoms October Datsun 240z build-off took 2nd place! Was a fun build and lots of great builds”

Mark Cary - FNLCustoms second place datsun

My build for the “Frankenstein Lives” build-off hosted by @customsunderground. Had a lot of fun with this one and the other builds were killer

Mark Cary - Frankenstein lives first place undergroundcustoms

My Rat Rod from a recent FB build-off, Grave Robber

macustomizer - gravedigger ratrod

And More Sweet Builds from Mac Customs

IMG_8040 IMG_8037 IMG_8036

IMG_8033 IMG_8032 IMG_8031 IMG_8029 IMG_8028 IMG_8027

IMG_8022 IMG_8020 IMG_8018

IMG_8016 IMG_8014 IMG_8012

IMG_7788 IMG_7366











IMG_7978 IMG_7973 IMG_7971 IMG_7969 IMG_7967 IMG_7965

IMG_7961 IMG_7959








Add a Touch of Diorama Magic (and More Custom Hotwheels)

As a lover of all things diorama related I am suitably impressed with how Mark is able to capture the moment as if in real time using only a background board and some props and accessories. Nice work brother – looks ace!










IMG_5665 IMG_5664 IMG_5661 IMG_7863


IMG_7783 IMG_7776 IMG_7771






IMG_5793 IMG_5596 Mark Cary - macustomizer custom A100

Huge shout out and virtual high fives to Mark for letting us all into his world and sharing some of his remarkably clean and tasty as #%&! custom Hot Wheels. Remember to follow Mark on Instagram @Macustomizer and be sure to check out his monthly build-off page @best_of_show_monthly







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