It’s been a long time between drinks here at and instead of offering an apology I thought I would simply offer up an epic How To Guide showing you exactly how to precisely cut out and remove the bonnet from just about any 1:64 Hot Wheels casting (or any diecast car for that matter)

How To Cut Hot Wheels Car Bonnet Perfectly – Video Guide

how to precisely cut and remove bonnet and panels from Hot Wheels cars

There is a lot of detailed and information and specific instructions that I share during the process of cutting out the bonnet (of a Nissan Skyline R32) and as such I have put together a highly detailed video explaining the process and the tools required.

In the video I will cover the removal of both a Nissan Skyline R32 bonnet (which we actually cut out) and also a Datsun 510 Sedan Bonnet – two very different castings requiring a different approach to the removal of said bonnet. I will be covering the tools required, the preparation work and the process itself. I’ll also cover off any mistakes I made when cutting out the first bonnet (see image below which was taken before the video) such as how to avoid over cutting and/or scratching other panels.

It goes without saying that video or not, I will still try and document as much as I can in written word, (this is after all 😉 ) starting of course with the all important tools of the trade, because we’re only ever as good as them – and the tools we’ll be using today are damn good!

*Video is displayed after the Tools and Preparation sections below*

How To Cut Out & Remove a Bonnet Perfectly – Tools Required

how to precisely cut and remove bonnet and panels from Hot Wheels cars

Tools required include the following:

  • Excel (Brand) #13 Saw Blade (Best Cutting Tool EVER)
  • Exacto Knife (or scalpel blade for the rest of us not living in America)
  • Precision Needle files (one flat and one square shaped is optimal but flat only will suffice)
  • Ummm, a Hot Wheels casting (with the rivets drilled out obviously)

Preparing the Casting for Cutting -Say Bye Bye Bonnet

The above image showing the tools required also goes a long way to explaining the preparation work required. I explain in full detail in the video but in a nutshell what you want to do is protect any and all parts of the casting that have the potential to see a blade edge with a layer of masking tape. I don’t care how good you are (Pisut Masanong is maybe the only exception here) you WILL cut past where you intend on cutting and end up scratching a panel you didnt want touched. It’s much nicer for that scratch to appear on masking tape than on your perfect casting!

This is also why I never strip the paint prior to cutting out bonnets and other panels – because the factory paint provides an extra layer of protection from wayward blades and angry saw teeth.

how to precisely cut and remove bonnet and panels from Hot Wheels cars

The layer of paint PLUS the masking tape ensure any overcuts will not mark the casting

Precisely Remove the Bonnet From Your Hot Wheels Casting – Video Guide

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Video Guide Part 2 – How to Hinge Our Bonnets Back On

Geez, Take it off, put it back on?!? Make up your bloody mind mate.

Stay Tuned for the next exciting Video Guide where we will be taking our perfectly cut out bonnets and hinging them back on – just like this beautiful Green BRE inspired creation… *Yes if you’re lucky I’ll also share how I built that L18 engine using bits and pieces from the parts drawer 😀

how to cut out perfectly remove bonnet from Hot Wheels diecast car - datsun 510



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