And the results are mind blowing…no really. OK sorry, let me step down off of my soap box for a second… *kicks it to the side as if nothing happened*

My Custom Hotwheels Have Never Looked So Good!

Ahem so recently I was lucky enough to be invited by a good friend of mine Chad of @ChadMartinPhotography to have some of my favourite customs professionally photographed in his at-home studio. Of course I was there in a flash, carting with me more customs than he was probably prepared for (and we still didnt capture them all!)

I could go on about how I delicately unpacked 30+ customs and laid them all over his kitchen bench while his girlfriend rolled her eyes at the absurdity of it all but I think the pics tell a better story, and besides you didn’t come here to listen to me waffle on ….did you?



Want to Take Professional Photos Like These at Home?

Now you can because we’ve just sourced some high quality portable photo studio lightboxes complete with inbuilt LED light strip that makes capturing your customs in all their goodness so much easier! Visit the product page on by following the image link below to take advantage of the FREE WORLDWIDE shipping we are currently offering on it.\

*Using a black cloth background (supplied) and an iPad or Tablet (Definitely NOT supplied) you  can achieve this same look with the nice reflections. Awesome Tip Hey 🙂

take professional photos of your custom diecast cars with ease

Grab Your Photo Studio Lightbox While Stocks Last!




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