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I recently entered a 'Custom '77 Dodge Van' Competition that was hosted on Facebook but it was only in the last 3 or 4 days that I decided to actually partake in said custom-off. Combination of other stuff having to be done and my conviction that I certainly wouldn't find the time meant I had already advised the host that I would not be entering....and then a sudden boost of enthusiasm combined with a gap in my schedule meant...holy crapsticks, I only have 3 (or 4) days! (insert Macaulay Culkin Home Alone face)

Decisions Decisions...

Like any good custom the process began with what I like to call 'Shits and Giggles' which basically entails playing with and looking through your parts bin/donor shelf and seeing ... nothing in particular to be honest. Just look because if your mind is open then trust me, you'll know when you find it 😉

I ended up finding a Matchbox Firetruck and thinking yep this just might work. 

Truth be told I spent more time trying to work on a pun surrounding the whole idea of Dodging fires since I was working with a Dodge and a Firetruck, but failing to think of anything even remotely amusing I got back to the task of actually building the thing...

playing shits and giggles to make custom hot wheels

The process of getting her to this stage involved the following:

  • Stripping of paint. Slow down Alex, you've only done half the bloody job.
  • Cutting of Van using door line as a guide. No worries mate.
  • Removal of the Fire Engine cabin. Too easy, thanks to my trusty Dremel of course.
  • Cutting and refining of interior and base components to make it all fit together so as to have the axles sitting under the wheel arches evenly. Holy Jesus Mother of Clam Chowder that was SUCH A BITCH! Why plastic must you be so ... so.... #@%! YOU PLASTIC.

Actually I ended up having to cut the base of the Dodge Van flush with the cut through the body and I completely did away with the Matchbox Firetruck base. I chose the base from a 49 Ford COE (The Capt Kirk Star Trek Pop Culture one) as the back was (much) wider than the firetruck and resulted in a more realistic look.

Problem now was that the rear wheels sat outside of the edges of the firetruck and made it look kinda stupid. To remedy this I cut the front wheel fenders from a Fast Gassin' (Petrol Tanker thingy) and turned them around so that the headlights became tail lights.

Well I did all that and then I just stared at the mess I'd made...

my custom hot wheels dodge van firetruck custom

Ok so the ummm how did it go again? Ah yes! - The knee bones connected to the thigh bone. Right got it.

Fire Dodger WIP 1

I'd cut the exhaust stacks from the Fast Gassin' while I was there and after using 'bluetac' to hold the pieces in place I ummed and aaahed over whether they should be included or not.

Fire Dodger with stacks

WITH? ...

Fire Dodger without stacks


Without Wins...Out.

I decided that  as much as I loved the exhaust stacks they blocked off too much of the details of the sides of the fire engine and covered the entire reason I had cut where I had - so that the chrome detailed part of the Matchbox firetruck would sit flush with the cabin and reveal itself to the world.

And reveal I shall...


And the Winner is.... 

When I looked at the other entries in the competition I have to admit I thought I was in with a good shot. There was one build however that I thought was definitely a contender and quietly decided mine shouldn't win against it. No really - check it out and tell me if you agree?

Kane Gibson Custom Dodge Van Comp winner

This stunning custom by Kane Gibson not only took out the title -
it also had me drooling on my keyboard as I stared at those wheels

Congratulations to Mr Gibson for what is truly a clean and well constructed custom Dodge Van. I tip my hat to you sir and happily accept defeat to such a clean custom Hot Wheels.

OK now back to me... FOCUS!

I will love you and leave you with a photos of my custom dodge fire-van truck thingy-ma-jig that have been edited using a combination of PicsArt and Super Photo (both phone apps) 

Enjoy 🙂

Custom Dodge Firetruck 7

Custom Dodge Firetruck 3


Custom Dodge Firetruck 1

Custom Dodge Firetruck 4




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