Starting Out in the Customising World.

When you can't be bothered to strip the paint you come up with some ingenious solutions. And sometimes these solutions reap surprisingly good results!

If you've seen the Custom Blue Datsun 510 Sedan then you would know that when I first started customising I had no idea how to get the paint off the cars*
Yes I could have probably figured it out pretty quickly had I bothered to even Google it, but being the impatient bloke that I am, I decided to attack the cars with whatever I had lying around.... why hello mr paint pen

*Looking back, when a product is called 'paint stripper' it seems bleeding obvious what it's purpose is... but hindsight is a wicked, wicked lady and we haven't seen eye to eye since I ignored the BRE Racing Datsuns at $5 a pop.

Custom Hotwheels - Gold Datsun 510 Sedan and Wagon

Hey, There's Still More Gold Paint in this Pen!

Why stop now, I'm clearly onto something. (Insert Gold Rush Reference, I got nothing)

The Nissan 370Z came out with a horrible colour scheme and wheel choice, in my opinion, so it was only natural that it was the next poor Hotwheels model to be attacked by the dreaded gold paint pen.



  • I found a silver paint pen too, so the headlights got a serving
  • As did the tail lights. Paint pens for life (yo)



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