I am HellaClever

Ok so I know you've seen those incredible deep dish, hellaflush, stanced as all get out wheels that people make for their hotwheels, and if you're anything like me you're thinking 'damn! I NEED them so bad'

Well I got tired of feeling the need, the need for stance and so I took it upon myself to figure out how I could turn an ordinary mainline wheel into a deep dished phat hellaflush rim... and I present to you the results*

*I will be revealing all in an upcoming blog post - sharing with everyone the secrets to my success so that you too can bask in the awesomeness that follows 😉

  • The wheel on the left was my first attempt and took over an hour. The second took 10 minutes. Ok I'm getting this...
  • If you're going to stance a car what better model is there than the s2k?!
  • I know one shouldn't toot their own horn but, f#*&@ TOOT!!!

Do You Swear Allegiance to This Nation of Stance?

I believe I do, yes.

  • In all my months of customising, I don't think I've ever smiled so much after fitting new wheels
  • Yep, still smiling
  • And just in case you forgot how hellaflush she actually is, here's that angle again 😉

I've already made a second set of rims and am currently testing different patterns including the BBS mesh style and watanabe style. I'm even experimenting with staggered wheels (in offset as well as diameter)

Please let me know what you think in the comments below and of course if you like what you see, be sure to share it 



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