Another Hellaflush Honda

Last week I revealed to you the secrets for making deep dish Work Meister Style wheels for your Hotwheels, and today I am going to share how hellasweet they look when sitting under a Honda S2000. 

But before I reveal her... granted she's sitting in the banner above and you already know - but quiet you! Where was I?... oh yes, in the interest of learning and all that brain stuff I thought I would share with you a little unspoken, yet vitally important tip - that being, how to get the length of your new axles just right.

If you have not already read the guide on how to make your own axles then I recommend getting over there and checking it out (Follow this link) so this part of the process makes a little more sense.

For everyone else, and for you now that you're back 😉 let's get straight into it.

How to Get The Length of the Axle Just Right

  • First Take your length of axle and hammer one end to create an end cap.
    Insert your first wheel and then place it across the base of the car it is to live on like so:

how to get the axle length correct


  • Next, insert your other wheel and make sure the insides of the wheel are resting a mm or so away from the edge of the base. Also make sure the axle is still sitting flush against the far wheel as all the movement can cause it to get pushed out.

how to make your own axles and cut them to length


  • Once you are happy with how it is sitting you are ready to cut the axle rod.

Make Sure You Are HellaFlush and Not HellaStoopid

At this point it is advisable to also check the width of the tyres as a whole. This should be done prior to even thinking about axles but if in you're excitement of making awesome wheels you've decided you can't be bothered then you'll suffer in the long run. Trust me.

If you are using custom wheels that you have made then chances are the backs will poke in a little further than normal. This means you need to cut away (grind with a dremel) some of the base to accomodate the extra width. If you don't you risk entering Mexiflush territory - as I have done with this Honda S2000.

Ok Back to the guide.

  • Take your wire cutters and cut the axle rod so there is around 5mm of extra. 2mm we need for the end cap and the other 3mm is our 'room for error'

Making axles fit 7

  • Again, make sure the tyres are sitting exactly flush with the base and that the axle rod hasn't been pushed through the other side slightly.

Making axles fit 6

  • Because my wheels are so hellasweet and have so much dish I actually make another small cut afterwards to remove the extra few mm spare that the deep dish creates.
  • It's best to leave a couple of mm extra if anything as you can always redo the end cap a couple of times to make it absolutely perfect, where as you can't go the other way.

Making axles fit 5

  • I have about 3mm of axle rod poking out left to play with. PERFECT!
  • Now I simply hammer the end of the rod to created my cap and I have a new set of rolling wheels that are the perfect width for my new custom*

*In normal circumstances anyway, but not me because I chose to use a car with really bad offset - mexiflush levels of stance in fact.

That being said, I still think she looks absolutely stunning ...


Tein Honda S2000 

I chose to add these newly created wheels to this particular mainline for two reasons:

  1. The Honda s2k suits being stanced and riding hellaflush better than nearly any car I can think of - and this is coming from an Evo man!
  2. The livery of the Tein decals used by Hotwheels matches the green inserts I had used for my very first set of Work Meister style wheels
  3. I can't count, it's my blog - and because I wanted to. so nerrr.

Enjoy 🙂

stanced honda s2k with work meisters


stanced honda s2k with work meisters



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