This is your complete parts catalogue and guide – a guide that is by no means set in stone and will be updated with your awesome and valuable input…So with that in mind, if you know of or use a part that is not listed here then please leave a comment in the thread below and I will update the post with your tip (and give you the credit for it). With your help we can ensure that this ‘Ultimate Hot Wheels Parts Guide’ truly lives up to its namesake and becomes a beacon of…. alright Alex, calm the farm.

The Ultimate 1:64 Scale Parts Guide

This article aims to list all the castings where customisers can find parts for use in their next 1:64 custom build. Whether it’s a bigger/smaller engine, a roof rack/driving-lights/bull-bar, a flatbed/towing setup or just a random part that can be used as a diorama accessory the hope is that you will find a casting on this list that contains exactly what you need. This list has been created through a combination of my own 5 years experience as a customiser and the wider MCH community who kindly contributed over half of this amazing list of castings and their parts.

B..But Everything’s a Potential Part…Isn’t It?

Of course it goes without saying that when you look at the world through the eyes of a customiser, everything is a potential part – but necklaces (tow hook chains), staplers (intercoolers) and matchsticks (truckbeds) aside sometimes you just want all the hard work done for you, and so finding something suitable on another Hot Wheels or Matchbox casting really is the best (laziest) option for any customiser wanting to modify their 1:64 scale ride in some way, shape or form.

everything is a possible donor part for custom hot wheels

Or Just Make Your Own Parts…

A while back we shared a detailed post on how to use styrene and essentially scratch build your own parts – you can read the complete article by following the link (back up a little and you’ll find it if you’re lost right now) There’s also a great guide on How to Make Your Own Wing Mirrors. Be sure to give that a read while you’re in a scratch building mood.
Of course if you are dreading the idea of making your own parts and you also couldn’t be arsed pulling bits out of other Hot Wheels and Matchbox castings then you’re probably asking no one in particular…

Can We Just Buy The Parts Instead?

Why yes, yes you can. There are a heap of customisers who have started 3D printing their own custom parts and are making them available to the wider customizing community. Here at MCH we regularly use and as such can happily recommend the following websites for your Hot Wheels/Matchbox 1:64 scale wheels and parts.

*** @HotWheelsWorks (Victor) is a very talented customiser and now 3D prints everything from RWB engines to NOS bottles to surf boards and even pushbikes! Browse his product selection by visiting

*** @DiecastMods (Thean) is another talented customiser who turned his attention to 3D printing wheels in an ever increasing range of sizes and styles. I personally think he has some of the best selections out there. Check out his product selection by visiting

*** @Monoblockwheels – the guys at Monoblock have been providing an ever increasing range of wheels with (or without) tyre lettering. They are popular with some of the biggest names in the game and although I have never used them myself I have not heard anything bad and can happily give the MCH seal or approval to the boys at Monoblock. See the range at

*** @710PandaBear (Joe) has been supplying aftermarket alloy wheels and tyres for longer than I can remember – certainly longer than I supplied them in my store! Remember all those alloy wheels I used to sell? Or perhaps you’ve seen customs wearing alloy wheels with disc brakes and all the trimmings? Well Joe is your man for all that. Check out his product selection by visiting

I Suppose You Want 1:64 People too? Figures

Hot Wheels Diorama Figures - where to buyThis bit is easy – just head on over to THIS ARTICLE HERE and learn how I source and create 1:64 scale figures for my dioramas at extremely low cost

So now that we’ve got all the preliminary questions out of the way let’s dive straight in and catalogue all the cool castings with all the really delicious bits and pieces on them…
The list will be broken into sub categories like engines, body mods, accessories etc and I will try to provide examples of where and when each part was used to help you better ‘picture’ how you might use it on your next build*
*Upon finalising of guide I realised that including the examples along with the list made it all too confusing and messy. You will now find these examples at the end of the parts guide.

Hot Wheels Parts – Engines & Exhausts

EDIT: Scroll down to find an additional 20+ castings listed for their parts – courtesy of the many contributors on the My Custom Hotwheels Facebook group. I would however like to send a special shout out to Jeff Pasko and Mathew Davis who shared at least half of these additions with the group – including the images showing said part and how they use it. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to making this the all inclusive and epic parts guide I hoped it would be.

There are more engines available than any other part so we have tried to list the engines that are popular because of their ease of transplanting and the impact a little detailing can have on the overall build.

Casting: Madfast

Part: Engine with oversized air intake. This is my personal favourite engine and the same one sticking out of the top of my custom Kool Kombi Trike – the one that became the MCH logo 🙂
The other thing I love about this engine is the fact that although it is made of metal there is no bulky base or large annoying bit that needs removing so you can literally take the whole motor out and place it in it’s new home…wherever that happens to be.

Casting: Blown Delivery

Part: Probably the most detailed blown V8 available from Hot Wheels – in my opinion at least. Incredibly great details on a plastic engine that comes apart easily and provides you with the option to either use the engine only or use the engine and the entire front grill. I know which option I would(did) choose….


Way2Fast casting for a great 30's style Ford body and two V8 engines

Casting: Way2Fast

Part: Not only do you get 2 smaller blown V8 engines (made out of plastic) you also get two sets of quad side pipes (made of diecast) The final piece of the parts pie comes in the form of that lovely 30’s style body that has already had the front removed and can simply be filed (so it sits super low) and added to a new chassis – simples!


Casting: Morris Wagon

Part: Highly detailed Blown V8 engine with a nice shaped blower on top. Josue Casco has created some amazingly detailed builds with these engines and a little detailing – see pics at the end of this guide.


Casting: Whatta Drag

Part: Quite a bit to choose from with this casting. You have a small block V8 with quad exhausts each side as well as the plastic removable twin induction scoops. There is also the entire base with the single back wheel which could be used to modify a Kool Kombi or any other casting


Custom Cougar with Detailed Engine Bay

Casting: Custom Cougar

Part: The custom cougar has a clear bonnet and underneath is a detailed engine and engine bay. I have used the engine before but prefer to cut the engine out of the middle and use the remaining ‘bay’ on other builds as it takes with it the wheel tubs and strut towers – see my Green Datsun 510 build below to see the results of cutting out the engine and using the remainder.

Ratical Racer Casting

Casting: Ratical Racer

Part: Engine block and side pipes – lots of them. Looks really good when the side pipes are detailed and some addition stacks are added. *Guy Martin shows us how it’s done with wire and additional pipes in the custom section below.


Surf Crate makes a good base

Casting: Surf Crate

Part: The Surf Crate has a small engine but that is not why we are interested in this casting – what we do like is the sweeping side exhaust pipes and the entire base itself with the sloping nose piece and axle housing.
I have used this base to create my Radio Flyer HotRod- see images below

Tomb UP Casting makes a great rear engine setup

Casting: Tomb Up

Part: The entire backend basically. Jade Rawson uses the Tomb Up to create some mind blowing rear engined customs. The entire engine and rear setup is great as is but as you can see from the pics (here and when you check out the recent Customiser Spotlight dedicated to Mr Rawson) Jade modifies things further with his own exhaust and turbo setup. Great stuff mate!


Snoopy Hot Wheels Casting is a great engine and doghouse

Casting: Snoopy

Part: Snoopy casting has a few little gifts for the customiser in us. First you have a nice little engine and quad side pipes that fits nicely in most mainline engine bays (once the hood has been delicately removed – read this guide to learn how) and on top of that you have a dog house for dioramas or for when your better half has finally had enough of your customising antics. The final gift is of course Snoopy who can be used to drive many a custom – especially those convertibles where headroom is not an issue.

Casting: Shift Kicker

Part: Picture speaks for itself – you get the big block V8 engine with sweeping side pipes and of course you get that extra large gear shifter so you can make your own Ed Roth inspired creation… or not :p *I had not heard of or seen this casting before writing this guide and now I want some!


Casting: Rocket Oil Special

Part: The entire car makes for a great 50s racer or you can use the V16 engine block and sweeping sidepipes to modify something else entirely. I enjoyed using the entire front of this casting (engine and all) to create a stretch Bone Shaker – see pics in customs section at the end of this article.
*Note that this casting now has huge metal plates on each side that need to be cut off to expose the side pipes and V16 engine block.

Casting: Quarter Mile Coupe

Part: Similar to the Surf Crate, the 1/4 Mile Coupe has a great base that can be used on other builds. Proportions are on point and that nice sloping nose makes for a great base to start a new build with. Unlike the Surf Crate however, this casting also gives us a plastic engine block (basic design) and metal side pipes.


Purrfect Speed casting for a sweet little engine

Casting: Purrfect Speed

Part: This casting has a great name because the little blown V8 engine that comes with it is one of my favourites and is basically a mini version of the beauty found on the Blown Delivery casting. Jade Rawson once again shows us how it can look when given a little detailing love. This is also a great part because it is plastic and can be shaved and cut to fit into almost any other engine bay.


Casting: Matchbox Nissan Skyline 2000 GTX

Part: This casting comes with two engine variations. One is turbo charged and the other is NA. Shout out to Jayke Agnelli for sharing this great find!
*Tip* – Use the engine from this casting with the engine bay from the custom cougar to create a unique new custom engine bay. Add strut towers and battery and brake booster and every other bloody detail found under the hood and call yourself @Diecast_DXB.

Casting: Honda Racer

Part: Fantastic V12 engine that is plastic and removable. This makes a great part because it can be adapted to fit most other castings and slots nicely in the back to create a mid/rear engined beast to be proud of.


Casting: Gas Monkey Corvette

Part: This little engine and the side exiting exhaust pipes are great for use in almost any casting due to their size and ease with which the engine is removed from the base. Paint the air induction and add some wiring and you have a great little centrepiece for your next blown creation.


Casting: Fiat 500 Drag Car

Part: One of my favourites, the entire front section is a single moulded piece of plastic that contains the engine, blower and the beautifully crafted side exhaust pipes that look amazing when detailed (ie: when you remove the chrome that makes everything blend together) This engine was used for my Radio Flyer HotRod (pics below)


Casting: Night Shifter

Part: One of the few fantasy castings in this list because the engine which sticks out of the front and back is made up of a series of pipes running to two turbos and big engine block. Slight detailing and clever placement of the front or rear engine section can look amazing


Fangula Hot Wheels Casting is a great base

Casting: Fangula

Part: The Fangula not only has a unique set of pipes protruding from the top of a very neat little engine block, it also has some of the nicest (simple) sidepipes in the business. Made of metal so you have to cut them off but they are then very strong and can be used to support the structural integrity of your new build.
Car itself has a great shape with a unique single headlight design – the whole casting just screams ‘Modify me’ IMHO


Casting: Electrack

Part: Another fantasy car that I would have otherwise overlooked if it wasn’t for JJ Flemming discoverting a Twin Turbo V8 hidden inside. Great find JJ!


Hot Wheels Dragtor - the best exhaust stacks

Casting: Dragtor

Part: Without doubt the sweets exhaust stacks in the game! I used these in combination with a Rocket Oil Special and a Bone Shaker to create the Rocket Shaker custom you can see more of below. Like the Rocket Oil Special, the Dragtor has a very nice (and oversized) engine block. It’s a Tractor engine but it could pass as a V12 or V16 due to it’s length.


Casting: Mitsubishi Double Shotz

Part: The quintessential double shotz casting – a Mitsubishi fantasy car designed by some up and comers is popular with customisers because it comes with not 1 but 2 4G63 engines – one of the best engines ever made (along with the RB series and 2JZ). Granted the size of the engine is probably closer to 1:60 than 1:64 but hey, beggars can’t be choosers now. See below for a few examples of how this engine (pick one OK) looks when transplanted into another casting.

Casting: Custom Pontiac Firebird

Part: If the exposed LS1 engine doesn’t give it away then I wonder how you’ve managed to get this far into a post that is clearly not relevant to you. But I digress….and then I build something epic using the fact that the entire engine bay is one moulded piece and can be easily transplanted into another casting – once the bonnet has been removed and the details added of course.

Casting: Diaper Dragster

Part: the casting is one truly ugly piece of diecast but James Ben Nolan needs the engine and damnit he’ll make the thing fit in there somehow :p Actually the block would make a great base for a larger engine or as a stand alone, just add blower and side pipes for full effect <3


Casting: Cyber Speeder

Part: I remember when this first came out earlier this year – we all went a little bit mental for that tasty rear end – complete with twin turbo snails, air filters and quad exhausts. Add some painted details and cut the edges out to help define the pipes and air filters and turn your Audi or Lamborghini or Porsche into an open arsed twin turbo beast. *Kim Kardashian would be proud to have an arse like this!

Casting: Rig Heat

Part: The Rig Heat casting makes a great Minion – as shown in the example, but the best part of this casting is the turbo charged truck engine that lives in the back. The only negative here is that the engine is cast from diecast so is harder to work with as it needs to be cut out. A little detailing and it can look amazing however which is why it has made the list.


Casting: Bread Box

Part:  The Bread Box contains a hidden gem in the form of a sweet little 4 cyclinder engine block. This can be a great basis for a turbo charged or NA engine and due to its size will fit snugly into just about any engine bay, even the smallest of them all the Mini – as demonstrated and submitted by Mark Simms


Casting: A-OK

Part: I love this little underrated casting, mainly because not only does it come with a cute little 20’s era engine and front grill, the entire car is great for parts because of the flared wheel arches (one plastic piece that goes all the way around) and the actual body itself, which like the 32 Ford coming up is great to use for any ratrod and hotrod builds

Casting: AristoRat

Part: OK so the image supplied is NOT the Aristorat casting, but when MCH member Nanda-Nandana shared this pic and the fact that there is a tasty little straight six engine inside I admit I got a little too excited. Fantastic find and I for one will be hoarding a few of these Aristorat Castings for that sweet piece of rear engined Stuttgart goodness


Altered Ego Hot Wheels Casting

Casting: Altered State

Part: Similar to some of the other engines in this lineup with the difference being the fact the engine, blower and exhaust are all one metal unit that is easily transported to another casting due to the base dimensions and relatively tiny size.


The Ultimate Hot Wheels and Matchbox Parts Guide

Casting: Altered Ego

Part: Certainly one of the stranger castings out there, the Altered Ego has an OK engine – it’s a large block with little in the way of details, but we aren’t interested in that. What we do like here is the base itself – long and clean (all the parts are plastic and come off) with built in side pipes that stick out perfectly from whatever casting you happen to place it on. Check out some of the examples of customs with this base in the section below

The Ultimate Hot Wheels and Matchbox Parts Guide

Casting: 32 Ford

Part: What’s not to love about this casting?! Not only does it come with a beautiful front grill and tight little V8 Block, it also happens to have one of the nicest generic ‘hotrod’ shapes and lends itself to so many different styles of builds it makes me wonder why there are still castings available to buy!


Casting: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda King Kuda

Part: Neat little v8 engine block – made of plastic so is easy to cut out and modify to suit your needs

Casting: Any Monster Jam Truck

Part: Spin Master Monster truck engines come with a highly detailed supercharger and Enderle fuel injection – I’ll take Darryl L’s word for it since I have no idea what that is or what it would look like

Casting: Rodger Dodger 2.0

Part: Neil Fainges couldn’t help but notice that the Rodger Dodger 2.0 has two detailed supercharger type engines under the hood. I think they look like a couple of 80’s telephones but what do I know?!


Casting: Mitsubishi Eclipse 

Part: Ridiculously oversized spinny whoosh maker – also known as a Turbo. There is also a nice intercooler in the front (if you can cut the damn thing out neatly)


Casting: Joker hotrod…not sure of exact casting name

Part: This special release Joker hotrod was part of the 835,798th Batman release (Or was it 835,781st – I lost count)and not only does it comes with a very sweet blown V8 engine complete with stacks, it also comes with sweeping exhaust pipes that look totally badass. These are the same exhaust pipes I used on the Kool Kombi Trike – the custom that became a logo

Casting: Fangster

Part: I can’t remember who shared this with me but I want to buy them a beer because this has to be one of the more exciting finds I have come across. This Fangster comes with not 1 but 2 4 cylinder engines which from the image look to be pretty detailed and would come up a treat if the pipes were chromed and the rocker cover painted red or something. IT seems that every time there is a 4 cylinder engine made available the good folk at Mattel go and put two in there for good measure (see Mitsubishi Double Shotz)

Casting: Baby Boomer

Part: Huge blown engine with twin induction ports (made of plastic and seperate to engine body so easy to modify and ‘play with’ There is also a neat little cockpit that could be used to make a hotrod and discrete little sweeping side pipes which are also useful if space is an issue


Casting: 68 El Camino

Parts: One very nice V8 block with trumpets


Casting: Night Shifter Custom

Parts: This casting has already been mentioned above but Clarissa Cross kindly shared why it is on this list – because all those pipes and detailed engine (front and back) really do look good when put into another vehicle – as Clarissa so perfectly demonstrates



Hotwheels Parts – Tow Trucks & Transporters

Casting: Tow-Jam

Part: One of my favourite castings because not only does it come with a rather streamlined tow hook (race style maybe?) it also has a beautiful twin axle rear end with a curve that lends itself to much faster cars – a la my Ferrari 288 GTOw custom creation (see customs examples below)

Casting: The Embosser

Part: The ramp on top comes off with a centre rail made of metal. This can be cut and trimmed to sit on any pickup or small truck to create your own custom ramp truck. *Did you know that this is called the Embosser because if you put paper in the slot at the bottom it stamps the hotwheels logo onto it!?!


Casting: Matchbox Urban Tow Truck

Part: The class tow hook and attached rig (with towlights etc) is a great part to use when making your own tow trucks. Being made of plastic makes it easier to work with and shape to suit your own requirements. Detail is pretty good too and comes up a treat with some painting and maybe a little weathering of the patina


Matchbox Trailer Trawler

Casting: Matchbox Trailer Trawler

Part: The Matchbox trailer is a stand alone casting that comes with a fair amount of details built in.The colour is a generic green with a lighter coloured boat on top but as the image here shows, a little detailing can make this come up a treat – no wheelswap needed either because the standard MBX wheels suit it perfectly


Casting: Heavy Hitcher

Part: Similar to the MBX Urban Tow Truck, the heavy hitcher is great to work with because it is plastic, has twin hooks that merge into one (looks aggressive) and there is a fair amount of detail in the plastic that comes up a treat when given some paint and detailing


Casting: Haulinator

Part: You have two options here, you can cut/remove the entire tray (and accompanying plastic extender) and add it to a new build, or you can just pull out the plastic extender bit and make your own ramp truck/transporter using a VW T2 pickup or something. (See examples below)


Casting: Fast Bed Hauler

Part: This has to be the most popular and my personal favourite casting to use when making my own transporter. The reason is because the cab is the only diecast part and so the entire back end with detailed engine and sliding ramp can be removed and added to another casting – maybe a 52 Chevy (see below for example). Probably the easiest two part custom you’ll ever make


cabbin fever for transporter parts

Casting: Cabbin’ Fever

Part: OK so I admit this is another casting I had not seen before – certainly doesn’t look like the RLC Cabbin’ Fever casting I have in my collection. This mainline variant not only has a great tray and extender at the back, it also has a stunning shape and I for one need a few of these because I have lots of great ideas!


Casting: Back Slider

Part: The backslider casting itself is relatively useless, there is not too much on this you can use, excepting of course the actual back slider itself, The plastic ramp can be completely removed (it just clicks on and off) and can then be used on another build. Detail the ramp for that added effect.


The Ultimate Hot Wheels and Matchbox Parts Guide

Casting: ’52 Chevy

Part: This 52 Chevy has changed casting recently so make sure you get this exact one (pop culture Muppets series) because the entire pickup tray is actually a seperate piece of diecast to the cab and can easily be removed to create your own standalone trailer – see “Dub Stepper” example below



Hotwheels Parts – Bikes, Bits & Random Pieces

Hot Wheels Chrysler Pacifica

Casting: Chrysler Pacifica

Parts: This casting is not much to look at on the outside but when you open it up there is a treasure trove of 1:64 available parts for your customising pleasure. Included are 4 jerry cans (Petrol containers) a spare tyre rack with two treaded tyres on them and best of all there is a child’s 4wd ride-on toy.


Casting: Chrsyler Pacifica

Parts: This is the afore mentioned child’s ride on toy that Mattie Bell has cleverly turned into a full blown custom with 4 operational wheels and a base to hold it all in place (when you remove it from the pacifica casting you will notice that the bottom 20% or so sits flush and has to be cut flat.


Casting: Rising Heat

Part: Great casting for time attack style spoilers and diffusers. The wheels on this particular variation are also great to use. The roof scoop on this model also has a nice shape although being plastic it can be tricky to remove. *Use a jewellers hacksaw and a .# 4 – 6 blade for best results.


Casting: Rigor Motor

Part: This casting is one that just keeps on giving, with a sweet V* engine block and sweeping side pipes. The best part however is the coffin on the back (perfect 1:64 scale) and the fact this casting comes with two moulded skulls that can be cut out and used elsewhere.* Only older casting has skulls!


Casting: PopCycle

Part: You’ve probably seen the sweet 60’s era Schwinn style bicycle that adorns many custom works around the globe and wondered where on earth they sourced that from?! Well now you know. Have fun extricating the bloody thing though, they certainly didn’t make it easy LOL

New 2019 Jeep with Motorbike
Casting: ’67 Jeepster Commando

Part: This new 2019 casting has a very sweet little old school road/race bike on the back – complete with detailing (on one side at least). Easily removed being plastic it is not flat and 2 dimensional like many of the past bikes and so makes a great addition to your diorama or matching custom vehicle


Casting: Matchbox Speed CheckerTrailer

Part: Another trailer that makes a great part is the Speed Checker trailer – one that I would have overlooked if Geoff Craig had not pointed out that the base makes a great start for your own custom trailer.


Casting: Matchbox Jeep Cherokee (From anniversary edition Jeep set)

Part: This Jeep Cherokee is a relatively boring casting – but the stuff that lives on the roof is definitely not. Boat with outboard motor and floor details come up a treat when painted and can be used anywhere – looks great when added to the SpeedChecker Trailer for example.


Casting: Matchbox Dune Dog

Part: This was one of the first castings I used to hoard for the fact the roof rack is such a great part to steal. It comes out without any cutting which is a bonus and is incredibly detailed with all the camping essentials packed and ready to go. The dog curled up on the backseat is a nice touch and the reason it has the name it does.


Casting: Matchbox Custom Chevy Van

Part: This casting comes with two variations, one which includes a dirtbike on the back. The bike is quite detailed on one side but the other side is completely flat and so even after detailing you can only photograph the bike from one side – but that’s what artistic license is for 😉


Casting: Chevy Silverado

Part: Note that the new casting no longer includes the bike, and as such is just another boring pickup – but when the bike is included it’s a whole different game. Fantastic racing bike that with some detailing comes up absolutely mint! (See example below from 210_Kustoms)


Chevy Panel Van with Bike

Casting: Chevy Panel Van

Part: Note that the new casting no longer includes the bike or an opening rear for that matter. The older castings however have an opening boot with a very cool Harley Cruiser style motorcycle inside.Bike is diecast and so comes up really nicely when detailed. Scale is maybe a touch small but you’d never notice.


Casting: Dodge Rampage

Part: I don’t think I need to point it out but for the sake of a good story… The Dodge Rampage is an older casting (no longer part of the mainline offering but hopefully will return) that contains a perfect 1:64 scale trike – the type you’d let the kids ride at the farm on the weekends


Casting: All the Bikes!

Part: All of it! – Just sharing this pic that expertly puts every two wheeled machine ever produced by Hot Wheels (as part of a casting) into one parking lot – complete with details and great custom work. Thanks for sharing he who’s name I have totally forgotten!


Casting: Audi LMS R8 or Any Casting with a Metal Wing

Part: Steal the metal wings from other models to get that solid diecast look running right through the creation. Dave Lankshear demonstrates how it’s done by transplanting the metal wing from an Audi LMS R8 onto the Guaczilla R35.


Casting: Audacious

Part: This casting would have been overlooked if it wasn’t for Dave Lankshear who pointed out that the wagon part of this casting makes for a great ‘Shooting Brake’ conversion for any european performance car. He shows us how it’s done with a fanastic estate wagon version of the McLaren 720S

Casting: Star Wars Boba Fett Hotrod

Parts: This casting has a nice unique engine with twin turbo screws on the front and the back has a nice ‘tub’ or bucket that can be used for making hotrods, rat rods and general badassery. (see below for the custom creation by dbc_garage that employs this casting to the fullest.


sandblaster casting good for parts

Casting: Sandblaster

Parts: The sandblaster actually has a lot of parts to give us, if we know where to look. And thanks to Mathew Davies we do! Not only does this come with a great rack of driving lights, it also has a really neat and aggressive bullbar (good for apocalypse vehicles and the like) and the entire back is a great rally, Hill Climb, Dakar type setup. Earlier models had the back part made of plastic and was easy to remove and use but the more recent castings have been updated to incorporate it all as diecast – to be expected when Mattel are still tying to produce a car for only $1 despite the rate of inflation. I for one am impressed and won’t be bitching and moaning to Mattel about it.







That is the list for now but since this is a community driven resource I am expecting lots of comments and updates to this post – let’s make this truly epic and the one stop shop for all your Hot Wheels parts enquiries.

Anything else I forgot? … Decals! – It goes without saying that if you need decals or dioramas to complete your custom build then visit the MCH shop  – we can now proudly say that we stock the largest range of 1:64 scale decals anywhere!

Now let’s see some examples of customs made using the above parts – just a few though because at the end of the day I’d say the majority of customs contain at least one part from the exhaustive list above 😉

Examples of Customs Using the Above 1:64 Parts

Way2Fast AND Flat Bed Hauler - a custom WIP by Jesse Steigerwald

Way2Fast AND Flat Bed Hauler – a custom WIP by Jesse Steigerwald

Vairy 8 Engine - Josue Casco

Vairy 8 Engine – Josue Casco

Guy Martin shows us how the Ratical Racer engine can look with some details

Popcycle – Todd Jeremiah

Morris Wagon Engine Josue Casco

Haulinator – Dean-Michael Victor

flatbeds make great haulers – Ashton Fidler

DoubleShotz & Vtec – Todd Jeremiah

Chevy Silverado and bike by 210_Kustoms

Chevy Silverado and bike by 210_Kustoms

Ferrari 288 GTO and Tow Jam Custom Hot Wheels

Backslider for car ramp

Backslider makes a good ramp truck donor – Namami Nanda-Nandana

The Ultimate Hot Wheels and Matchbox Parts Guide

AlteredEgo engine block by Marcus Sansone

The Ultimate Hot Wheels and Matchbox Parts Guide

Altered Ego Engine and Base – Marcus Sansone

The Ultimate Hot Wheels and Matchbox Parts Guide

Altered Ego base – Todd Jeremiah

Audacious shooting brake Mclaren- Dave Lankshear

The Ultimate Hot Wheels and Matchbox Parts Guide

32 ford casting – perfect for so many builds

Rocket Oil Special and Dragtor castings used here (as shown below)

Hot Wheels Kool Kombi custom low rider dub stepper

52 Chevy bed and Popcycle castings used

quick custom using the Fast Bed Hauler

witheredcustomz – chevy hauler using Fast Bed Hauler

MadFast Engine

Best Custom Hot wheels Diecast Cars May Episode 23

detailed basic engine block showing how effective some details and wiring can be

Best Custom Creations from MCH Facebook Group - May 2019

Bike from Silverado with detailing

Best Custom Diecast Cars from Instagram - Episode 21

Engine from early 2000s series tooned cars

There are thousands more but this should give you a better idea and maybe even provide some inspiration for your next 1:64 scale creation.




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