How To Customize Hot Wheels & Diecast Cars

Here you will find everything you need to get started, from removing wheels and tampos, to making your own axles and repainting the car itself. Please know that all of the methods I share here are what I have personally found to have worked the best and most consistently over time. I realise there are a thousand different ways to go about customizing your Hot Wheels die-cast cars so if you find taking a little of my advice and mixing it with something you heard elsewhere then go for it. Or as Homer would say  “A little from column A, a little from column B”

how to customise hot wheels diecast cars

Official Disclaimer/Warning Notice:
Learning how to customize Hot Wheels is an addictive hobby habbit that will completely and utterly take over your life – Unless of course you are a sane person who actually knows when to stop and doesn’t obsess over each and every little thing.  – ‘Yes well Alex, why can’t you be more like this?!’

I hope you find the information and more importantly, the inspiration you need to go off and start growing  your own collection of customized Hot Wheels.


The Customiser Spotlight | Toxic Kustomz

Shining the Light on Extraordinary Talent in the 1/64 Custom Diecast Community… It’s that time again – a collective favourite of everyone in the MCH community when we get to shine the spotlight on one exceptional customizer in our ever growing 1:64 world. And today it...

How to Hinge Hot Wheels

Because there are so many different ways of making opening and closing hinges I have employed some help and as such will be sharing not 1 but 3 methods on how to create hinges for your 1:64 scale diecast creation. The first method I want to share is, without doubt the best hinge hack I’ve ever seen…

Hot Wheels Parts Guide

This article aims to list all the castings where customisers can find parts for use in their next 1:64 custom build. Whether it’s a bigger/smaller engine, a roof rack/driving-lights/bull-bar, a flatbed/towing setup or just a random part that can be used as a diorama accessory the hope is that you will find a casting on this list that contains exactly what you need.

How To Use Two Part Epoxy Putty

Welcome to what I hope will be the ultimate guide to working with any type of two-part epoxy putty or resin. I started this guide with my own contributions and experiences but I will be the first to admit that when it comes to making wide body kits and shaping the hardened putty to perfection there are many out there better than me. So I sought them out…

Building Nemo

Building Nemo from a Pez Dispenser and a Hot Wheels Kool Kombi casting was the easy part. It was FINDING the time to make NEMO that was hardest. This article also includes an introduction to the ultimate guide to working with two=part epoxy putty and modelling resin.

Weathering With Pencils

Here is an easy guide to show you how to weather, shade and highlight your next custom Hot Wheels build to create that aged ‘barn find’ patina. A My Custom Hot Wheels How-To Guide contributed by Barry Hark.

How To Build a Diorama Building with @Spoolin_Street

Today we have another amazing customiser spotlight feature in store for you which has a special bonus how-to guide thrown in to the mix. That’s right, the highly talented customiser @Spoolin_Street is also going to share his steps on building your own detailed diorama building. 
The guide will then be followed by a huge showcase of Alan’s diorama and custom work. Enjoy 🙂

How To Create a Working Steering Rack for Hot Wheels

Today we are in for a treat because not only is this a guide showing you how to make your next custom diecast creation turn, it is also a mini customiser spotlight as I will be proudly showcasing some of the work of the gentleman who has kindly provided the tips and tricks I will be sharing today.

MCH Meets Professional Photographer

And the results are mind really. OK sorry, let me step down off of my soap box for a second... *kicks it to the side as if nothing happened* My Custom Hotwheels Have Never Looked So Good! Ahem so recently I was lucky enough to be invited by a good friend...

How To Precisely Cut Bonnets and Panels

Video How To Guide showing you step by step how to precisely cut out and remove the bonnet or any body panel from a Hot Wheels 1:64 diecast car. A closer look at the tools needed to remove the bonnet and how to prepare for hinging it back on – which we cover next episode.

Painting 101 – How To Get a Finish Like Glass

A painting guide by @CircuitR_Hotwheels – How to get that wet look, glass like finish on your hotwheels diecast cars. Spray painting and airbrushing tips to help you achieve a flawless paintjob.

How To Strip Paint Off Diecast Cars

VIDEO – Here’s my method for stripping the paint from my Hot Wheels… It’s quick easy and the only way I’d ever strip paint off any diecast car.

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