A Volkswagen That is Oh So JDM

Sacrilege! The VW Caddy is an awesome looking car and doesn't need much to look hellasweet... I did heaps anyway :p

The Friday Night Likes #FNL #FNLCustoms is a monthly Instagram competition that brings out some of the best customisers in the business. God knows what I was doing there LOL!...

Seriously though, I decided to enter the September Caddy Build Off and realised that I was going to have to lift my game if I was to compete on any serious level.

Custom Deep dish wheels are one thing, but a full build was going to require a new level of commitment and to be honest I was pumped. I was psyched.  I was ... oh who am I kidding, I was in over my head.

Work Wheels Really Worked.

Say that five times fast! 😉 

I knew that this Caddy was going to sit on a set of my custom deep dish work meister/SP1 style wheels but I decided that this was going to be the overall theme for this build and set about making my plans.

custom diecast volkswagen caddy

Here is a rundown of what I used to make this custom Volkswagen Caddy:

  • Wheels - custom made (Here's the article in case you missed it - HERE)
  • Engine - from a Mitsubishi Double Shotz (read the guide HERE)
  • Canopy - from a Mercedes UniMog (or whatever the hell that thing is called)
  • Work branding - hand painted (and not bad either thank you very much)
  • Intercooler - I used a Stapler (read the full how to guide HERE)

I am pleased to report that this build placed third in the Friday Night Likes Competition which was an incredible result and I am well humbled and extremely stoked by it all.

Can't wait for the next one!

Introducing the Work Wheels Delivery Caddy:

custom diecast volkswagen caddy

custom diecast cars made to order

custom diecast volkswagen caddy

Please enjoy the following slideshows of images as the Caddy poses for shots in my dodgy makeshift studio and then explores my diorama shelf 🙂



volkswagen caddy diecast cars custom hotwheels


Thanks for visiting.

Stay tuned ... I've got some wild customs on the way 😉



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