Wheel Swap Win on The Ken Meri

The Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R was released in 1973 and dubbed the 'Kenmeri' after Nissan ran a marketing campaign that featured an American couple called Ken and Mary.

Can I just take a moment to say...hahahahaha That's GOLD! 

This was one of my earlier customs and was actually painted with brake caliper paint LOL. What? it was the only red I could find at the time OK! It turned out alright, although it does have a texture that isn't quite as clean as say...normal paint!

Add colour coded watanabe style wheels and you have a winner! 🙂

Camera and Filter fun

Just in case you are wondering, all photos you see on the site and Instagram were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It's a useless phone but damn the camera is awesome.

I also use all the editing software and filters from within the phone as well - not bad at all. In this instance below I had some fun playing with the Hue in the camera filter and realised it was a great way of seeing how the car would look in other colours!


kenmeri skyline with hues changed


  • Filtered until it started to rust 😉



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