How Fly is This Kool Kombi Custom.

If Arnold Schwartzenegger was here you know what he would say!…

“Get to da choppa! Do it! NOWWWWW”

So without further ado let’s keep the Ex Governor of California happy and do exactly as he says.

From Concept to Custom.

The idea for this build came about when I found the Tonka branded Sikorsky style Sky Crane Helicopter. The first thing I noticed about it as it sat winking at me from the shelf of my local Target was ‘ the front cab section is very similar in size and dimensions to the Kool Kombi’

Kombi Kopter Original Castings

The rest is history really – sorry it’s such a boring story.

Creating a Sik…orsky Custom

The first thing I need to do was chop the Kool Kombi to accomodate the tail section of the chopper. I also needed to cut a similar shape when removing said tail section. If you look at the cut I made you can get an idea how I wedged the two pieces together and allowed them to interlock somewhat.

Kombi Kopter - Very first photo

I then simply superglued the two ends together making sure they were perfectly aligned from all sides.

Next it was time to putty the two ends together and create a seamless finish between the joins. For this I use Milliput brand Epoxy as I find it the easiest to use. There are plenty of tips on how to use putty (here for example) but know that I will be doing a how to guide specifically for putty in the coming weeks.

Kombo Kopter - WIP 1

“This thing is Sik…orsky”

Painting and Detailing the Kombi Kopter

The first thing I did was Google and download this image as a reference. I wanted this to be a classic in terms of colours and trim…

colour scheme for Kool Kombi Sky Crane

and then it was time to copy and paste paint…

Kombi Kopter WIP 1

The initial mask was a great success – now I just needed to add the white and of course all the details….

Kombi Kopter sketch filter 1

The headlights turned out nice – to  get this realistic look I simply paint them silver and then randomly scribble on them with white paint (I use a paint pen for this bit)

The interior …OMG that was a horrible experience LOL. Because I had cut and filed away all the interior rivets (almost all the way to the top) I had nothing for the interior to stick to. To resolve this I simply stuck a heap of epoxy into the space behind the interior and let it set – making sure the wheels and all other parts were sitting straight etc. Again, this turned out rather nicely. Go me LOL

And so it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the Hippest Helicopter in the Heavens – the Peace, Love and Mungbeans Express: 

The Kombi Kopter – Putting out Bong Fires Since 2001

Kombi Kopter 20

Kombi Kopter 19

Kombi Kopter 18

Kombi Kopter 17

Kombi Kopter 16

Kombi Kopter 15

Kombi Kopter 14

Kombi Kopter 13

Kombi Kopter 12

Kombi Kopter 11

Kombi Kopter 10

Kombi Kopter 9

Kombi Kopter 8b

Kombi Kopter 7

Kombi Kopter 5

Kombi Kopter 4

Kombi Kopter 3

Kombi Kopter 2

Kombi Kopter 1




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