JDM rising sun handIt’s been a while since we checked out what life has been like on the diorama shelf and so I thought I would update you all on the comings and goings of diorama life and provide a status report summarising the hellasweetness and overall badassery of the whole thing.

so ummm, in summary I…. oh look, it’s JDM as F#&% OK!

Enjoy 😀

The Nissan 180sx | 240sx | S13

First off I have to share this quick wheel swap I did on the new mainline Nissan 180sx Type X – the one with awesome GReddy racing livery all over it. I quickly threw together a set of deep dish work meister style wheels in white and added a touch of camber. Oh and I detailed the taillights. To be honest I don’t think it needs anything else done to it 🙂

Greddy 180sx collage 1 GReddy 180sx 7

GReddy 180sx 5

GReddy 180sx 3

GReddy 180sx 1

This custom 180sx was soon joined by another hellasweet and well stanced 180sx. Would that make it a 360sx?

Greddy 180sx collage 3

GReddy 180sx 10

GReddy 180sx 8

GReddy 180sx JDM Meet 3

GReddy 180sx JDM Meet 6

GReddy 180sx JDM Meet 5

GReddy 180sx JDM Meet 4

GReddy 180sx JDM Meet 2

The Rest of The Japanese Custom Hot Wheels Arrive

Now before you say anything about the Porsche – it was merely passing through.

And don’t get me started on the Volkswagen Caddy. It’s the Work Wheels official delivery vehicle, it’s wearing deep dish Work Meisters AND it’s running a 4G63. Far as I’m concerned that’s more JDM than Noodles (yo)

JDM Meet 11b

JDM Meet 10

JDM Meet 9

JDM Meet 8

JDM Meet 7

JDM Meet 6

JDM Meet 5a

JDM Meet 4

JDM Meet 3

JDM Meet 2

JDM Meet 1

Facebook group photo oh so JDM 2


God Zilla?! Why’d You Have To Crash The Party?

Seems word had got out that there was a hellasweet JDM meet going down on the diorama shelf because nek minit – there’s a heap of R32’s in the mix?! I’d complain but….no, no I wouldn’t!!? Anyone that would complain about an R32 has to have their head examined.

gtr32 sketch filter

Love a bit of #FilterFun

gtr32 20

GTR32 27

GTR32 23

GTR32 22

GTR32 16

GTR32 10

GTR32 1

GTR32 collage 1

And then they started racing each other!!?!

GTR32 Dropstars Racing 2

GTR32 Dropstars Racing

GTR32 Treasure Hunt Racing


Need more 1:64 Scale JDM Goodness?

If you are still itching for more Japanese Domestic Market Goodness then check out the JDM section – because like you I am obsessed with it too 😀





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