Mitsubishi Evolution 10 by Tomica

I love my Evos and I think the 10 is up there with the best of them... OK so the 9 is the best, and then the 6.5 Tommi Makinen Edition comes next, aaaaaand then the 6, followed by the X... I suppose. 

It's triple diamond, it's ralliart, it's all good.

A Definite Wheel Swap is in Order

This is not a custom in any way, I am just sharing it because it's awesome (kind of like bacon) That's not to say that it won't become a custom at some point, and looking at these photos and seeing how it sits - I just know it is only a matter of time before I take it to stance town 🙂

Keep you posted....


  • add a sprinkling of HDR filtering.... undecided to be honest. Thoughts?
  • playing with the hue is a great way of testing other colours actually #customhack
  • I like the green! ... yep, painted them myself.. with a filter



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