Diecast Cars, Dioramas, and Dust. Lots of Dust.

I have already familiarised you with my love of JDM and customising diecast cars but like most customisers I started life as a plain old boring collector. How I started collecting is kind of interesting so if you’ll allow, let me share with you my story. The nutshell version.

I started collecting Hotwheels about 2 years ago at the most, and I did it as a reward to myself for not smoking. That’s right – Hotwheels helped me give up the cigarettes permanently! The power of diecast cars aye 😉

I often look around my collection and joke that perhaps I should have continued smoking. It would have been far more cost effective that’s for sure!

I was always an opener and only ever kept cars in their blisters if they held more value (Super Treasure Hunts etc) or if they were hard to come by in the first place. The progression to customising happened about a year and a bit into the journey. In fact thinking about it now I think I am approaching my one year anniversary as a customiser. Party for one at my place! Woot.

When I was younger (around 10 years old) I used to build train dioramas in HO (1:87) scale and as such moving to the dioramas was always going to happen.

Anyway, that’s my story – told you it was in a nutshell – and now allow me to present my collection in full. There is more that can be displayed but for lack of space I consider this my entire collection. It’s not much compared to some but for 24 months it’s actually borderline concerning!

*It’s borderline OCD That’s for bloody sure.

My Collection of Hotwheels and Diecast Cars

I have attached some images for you to view (click on image to open in a new window and view in full size) but for more detailed information about the collection watch the 4 and a half minute video walk-through that I have linked to at the end.
My hotwheels collection and diorama

This is where the magic happens – the diorama photo magic that is. :p

collection of hotwheels and diecast simpsons cars

Love my Simpsons Stuff.

My hotwheels collection and diorama

These shelves are constantly being rearranged. Something I have to do again soon as the Batman shelf is overflowing onto the shelf below ..and the shelf below that!

My hotwheels collection and diorama

My Ferrari and Porsche Collection as well as my favourite JDM Supers etc.

My hotwheels collection and diorama

My Tribute to Paul Walker Wall

And Now – The Video.


I hope you enjoyed this video and I encourage you to leave a comment or at the very least like the video on YouTube. It would be most awesome of you if you did 🙂



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