The Nicest Casting Ever!

When Hotwheels announced the release of this Nissan 180sx Type X I lost my mind! I think, no I know that every JDM loving Hotwheels collector in existence did too, and unfortunately onto the bandwagon jumped the hoarders as well. 

I was lucky enough to find 2 in the wild (best day ever!) and I am happy to report that I have never had a diecast car go from purchase to the customising chopping block so fast!

Watanabe Style Real Riders For The Win.

I knew the moment I saw this 180sx what wheels it needed and so when I finally got mine home there was no hesitation in going through my stash to find the wheels in question.

The wheels are from a Boulevard Series Triumph TR6 and luckily are also made with the same axle width, meaning this was quite literally a straight up wheel swap. No cutting, no need to make my own axles, nothing. 

I'm a big fan of the watanabe style wheels and as such have a stockpile of boulevard and garage series Hotwheels that carry these real rider style. I'm a big fan of this colour too as it matches the Super Treasure Hunt colours on many of their recent JDM releases as well as their mainlines like the Road Trippin Hako. 

In fact, here's one I prepared earlier using the exact same wheels 😉

nissan skyline gtr hako with watanabe style wheels


Presenting The Nissan 180sx Type X.

Without further ado, here is a diecast car that looks good from every angle.

Hotwheels nissan 180sx type x diecast cars Hotwheels nissan 180sx type x diecast cars Hotwheels nissan 180sx type x diecast cars Hotwheels nissan 180sx type x diecast cars


Add a touch of filter magic and some of these pics come up quite realistic looking. Not bad considering every photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Crap phone. Bloody fantastic camera though :p






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