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Tooned Customs – A Manga Tuner Tribute

Tooned Customs – A Manga Tuner Tribute

Welcome to another episode of Your Custom Hotwheels, the fortnightly feature post that isn’t about My Custom Hot Wheels, it’s about yours.
Today however is a little different as I wanted to pay homage to all the amazing customs I have seen since that utilise the deliciously dope and characteristically cute ‘Manga Tuner’ Casting which was introduced to the Hot Wheels mainline line-up earlier this year.

Your Custom Hotwheels Episode 25

Your Custom Hotwheels Episode 25

Welcome to what has to be the most delayed episode of Your Custom Hotwheels ever! I know I've been slack of late but I'm here now so quit your whining! :p The Game Has Changed - But the Rules are the Same One thing I can say is that it has been incredible to see the...

Toilet Paper Hoarding War in 1:64 Scale

Toilet Paper Hoarding War in 1:64 Scale

Toilet Paper Hoarders on my Diorama! Seriously what gives?! The world is going bat-shit crazy ( #seewhatIdidthere ) and whilst some of the panic is warranted, the majority of it is completely lacking in common sense. I mean I can understand the hoarding of the food...

How to Hinge Hot Wheels

How to Hinge Hot Wheels

Because there are so many different ways of making opening and closing hinges I have employed some help and as such will be sharing not 1 but 3 methods on how to create hinges for your 1:64 scale diecast creation. The first method I want to share is, without doubt the best hinge hack I’ve ever seen…

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