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Your Custom Hotwheels Episode 25

Your Custom Hotwheels Episode 25

Welcome to what has to be the most delayed episode of Your Custom Hotwheels ever! I know I've been slack of late but I'm here now so quit your whining! :p The Game Has Changed - But the Rules are the Same One thing I can say is that it has been incredible to see the...

Toilet Paper Hoarding War in 1:64 Scale

Toilet Paper Hoarding War in 1:64 Scale

Toilet Paper Hoarders on my Diorama! Seriously what gives?! The world is going bat-shit crazy ( #seewhatIdidthere ) and whilst some of the panic is warranted, the majority of it is completely lacking in common sense. I mean I can understand the hoarding of the food...

How to Hinge Hot Wheels

How to Hinge Hot Wheels

Because there are so many different ways of making opening and closing hinges I have employed some help and as such will be sharing not 1 but 3 methods on how to create hinges for your 1:64 scale diecast creation. The first method I want to share is, without doubt the best hinge hack I’ve ever seen…

Hot Wheels Parts Guide

Hot Wheels Parts Guide

This article aims to list all the castings where customisers can find parts for use in their next 1:64 custom build. Whether it’s a bigger/smaller engine, a roof rack/driving-lights/bull-bar, a flatbed/towing setup or just a random part that can be used as a diorama accessory the hope is that you will find a casting on this list that contains exactly what you need.

The Customiser Spotlight | Jade Rawson

The Customiser Spotlight | Jade Rawson

Today we shine the light on a fellow Australian customiser and a guy I have watched grow in leaps and bounds in a relatively short period of time. His name is Jade and he is not only a highly skilled customiser, he is also insanely creative. Add the fact that he’s a genuinely top bloke to the mix and you end up with a true customising triple threat…. in the best possible way of course. Let’s meet the man behind the customizing curtain….

How To Use Two Part Epoxy Putty

How To Use Two Part Epoxy Putty

Welcome to what I hope will be the ultimate guide to working with any type of two-part epoxy putty or resin. I started this guide with my own contributions and experiences but I will be the first to admit that when it comes to making wide body kits and shaping the hardened putty to perfection there are many out there better than me. So I sought them out…

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