Today we reintroduce the insanely talented Irwan, aka @RoyaleSyndicate and share some of his amazing work with you. But sharing his work is easy, Instagram does this every day (and you should be following him to make sure you don’t miss anything!) which is why I wanted to get into the mind of this creative genius and get some insights into how he goes about creating these insanely detailed 1:64 scale diecast customs.

If you missed the first customiser spotlight featuring @RoyaleSyndicate then check it out here. … It’s OK, we’ll wait 🙂

The Customiser Spotlight with @RoyaleSyndicate

Before we get lost in his amazing creations (and the even more impressive way he captures his creations in their own 1:64 scale world) let us learn a little more about the man behind the curtain – but since we have already covered all the who are you type questions I thought we could get straight to the good stuff, the information we all actually want to know (not that we don’t want to know about you Irwan)
With that in mind I went ahead and listed all the build related questions I could think of – the how do you do that bro?! side of things and Irwan has so kindly replied to each and every one of these questions in varying amounts of detail. Let’s dive in now and get some insight into not just the what but also the how of his builds. Hope you have your pen and paper ready.

Customising How-To Questions with @RoyaleSyndicate

Wheels & Tyres:

Assuming you make your own deep dish wheels, How do you make them and are the centres (inserts) also made or are they sourced from Real riders and other brands of wheels?

We use random wheels face that we can find it fits to our project
Basically we just add custom outer lip which is an aluminium tube ,we cut it then put them together (face & outerlip) then wrapped it with tires so its work like others aftermarket wheels such as j rota,premium wheels but with our own spec
Wheels donor start from basic hotwheels wheels, kreauto, sakura even premium wheels or any kind of wheels that we thought will be cooler if we add custom lip

Do you use Real rider rubber or heat wrapped method? Where do you source the parts you use?

we choose every kind of tires that we think will fits our project and if we couldnt find one then we had to build it from heat shrink layer by layer until we find d thickness we want and shape it so the wall looks like a stretch tire then we wrapped it onto the wheels

Can you give some specific examples – the mod rod and it’s purple friend for example?

Modrod wheels r basically from 1:43th scale wheels and d outer lips we cut it half from motorcycles acc that was called a ring model then we paint those part with d gold bronze color
For the blueish purple ford we use basic hotwheels wheels + aluminium tube for outer lips so d wheels gonna be wider then fill it with putty then shape it into a concave wheels look

Bikes and Figures:

Can you share some tips on how you make them? OR are they 3D printed and then detailed?
The Mooneyes bike looks 100% bespoke – the motorbike looks like a well detailed hot wheels Jeep bike but I could be wrong

Moonbike was made from scratch as u can see very much lack of detail compared to dirt bikes which is a 3d print

1:64 figures:Same as above – where do you source or how do you make your various figures that adorn your amazing custom images?

Figures r also 3D printed but we detailed it again to match our taste

bikes and figures in 1:64 scale

Miscellaneous Parts:

Do you fabricate all your own parts including Thule luggage racks, roof racks, side mirrors and exhaust pipes?
Can you share some insights into what materials are used and specifically how you make things like wing mirrors, roof racks, exhaust systems, engines etc etc

Because our main purpose was to sell our custom so time will be d issue so in that case we had to build with deadline and target so thats why we actually dont want to build every single part from scratch as u know it will be time consuming
So we got help from friends who can provide what we need such as water decal, thule box, wheels we got it from sakura models,tire decal from premium64scale and other 3d part came from parvus model,vapelines 3 d print and they all local product from Indonesia

As for the engines we are mostly doing it from scratch except that retro rig engine was 3d print from parvus model
Why sometimes we do it from scratch well it simply because there is no engine that fits our project concept so we had to build our own engine

  • Engines parts mostly from wire,paperclip,cotton bud and alumunium tubes,plaplate and sometimes from Hot Wheels engine parts
  • Side Mirror we shape it from wood toothpick
  • Exhaust pipe from cotton bud and small aluminium tube
  • Roof Rack we put together wire cable, plaplate and paperclip

custom porsche 356 incredible engine detail

Painting and detailing:

Your rust effect is some of the best I have ever seen – can you share some tips on how you achieve this incredible true to life look?

Making a rustic paint was a tricky one but lots fun with it,it is that one kind of build that u dont to worry bout looks clean whatsoever lol
we still learning how to do a rusty/patina custom properly so they r still different way that we had already tried and so it all goes back to how we want that rust present it,first is a concept,whether is it a heavy rust,mild or just plain dirty effect

Do you have any painting and detailing tips or methods you would be willing to share?

We usually do rustic paint with these step

  • Base coat-rusty color-satin clear- prime color
  • And then we use sand paper to make those rustic effect appear and doing it slowly with water,randomly until we got that basic rust we want it
  • then after that detailed with acrylic paint, weathering powder or airbrush it

For detailing we do it like others do such as acrylic paint,enamel paint a bit masking if it necessary and airbrush to make a shading effect so just like others do,there is nothing new bout it but we think that attention to details is a must but not too much

Finally – do you have a license to be this badass ??!!!?

Lol eat well,sleep well,drink well,dont think it too much and always say prayers before start anything

Irwan Taufiek SE,MM
Instagram –> RoyalSyndicate 
YouTube –>

Brain Full Yet? – Let’s assume so and go from information overload to eye candy overload. It seems Royale Syndicate don’t do things in halves.

The Incredible 1:64 scale Customs of @RoyaleSyndicate

I have to remind our viewers that this is 1:64 scale – because trust me when I say, you’ll promptly forget or if you’re anything like me, you’ll tell yourself it’s a larger scale to make yourself feel better about the fact you’re a long (long long) way off being able to produce anything like this! (maybe)

Euro Customs including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Bugatti and More

I know it’s not euro but meh #closeenough

Porsche Customs

Custom Hot Wheels Porsche 356 pair

bikes and figures in 1:64 scale

custom porsche 356 incredible engine detail

JDM – Datsun Basically

Hot Rods, Ratrods, Drag demons, Mini Trucks and General Badassery

Everything Else Basically 🙂




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