The DioRAMA QUEEN is Back

The bad puns are just a bonus for being an awesome reader of MyCustomHotwheels :p

It's been a while since we've caught up with the diorama shelf and seen what my collection of custom and mainline diecast cars have been up to, mainly due to the fact I have been so busy making custom deep dish wheels and filling custom orders for you guys. Thank you for  that by the way. 

If you want a custom diecast car made and/or a set of my custom wheels then just click here 🙂

Where's a Good Tradie When You Need One?!

Seems they are all at my place because the diorama shelf this week is utes and pickup trucks as far as the eye can see. We've got everything from a Studebaker to a Holden Commodore to a few gorgeous looking Custom Chevys and 56 Ford pickups.

Oh and there was a 1947 Ford COE (by Jada) that is neither a pickup nor a ute but was just too stunning not to be included. Not that I put it there, I mean I don't decide what happens on the diorama shelf now do I... must have driven in during the night 😉

Please enjoy the collages as well as the slideshow below containing a LOT more photos for your viewing pleasure 🙂

gorgeous 47 ford COE diecast truck by jada


custom chevy hotwheels diecast cars

custom 56 ford diecast pickup by greenlight




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