Custom Datsun 510 Wagon

This Datsun 510 was one of my earlier customs and was only recently treated to a photoshoot on the diorama shelf. We went for a night time motif this time and everything :p

But before I show you the pics I wanted to share how this custom Hotwheels was created, because being one of my first customs I can assure you it was not done by the book - assuming such a book exists.

How I Lowered and Stanced This Datto

I recently shared two articles on how to lower and how to stance  your hotwheels diecast cars but all of the techniques I shared there were learned much later.

How I lowered and stanced this particular custom build was far more technical and required a much higher level of thinking. Wait. No, totally got that around the wrong way.

How I lowered and stanced this Datsun was by standing on the car. NO seriously. I literally put the car onto a hardwood floor and stood on it. Hey I was wearing socks. And Goggles. Don't think the goggles helped.

the goggles do nothing

Allllrighty then.

A Wheel Swap and Detailing.

I swapped out the wheels for a set of watanabe style wheels from the CRX Boulevard model and then detailed the headlights, intercooler and the bonnet sidemirrors. I then cleaned the car and removed my footprint ready for display. She doesn't roll even slightly and the wheels are now so jammed up and bent out of shape within the chassis that I can never pull her apart again... not that I plan on doing so. Still - this has to be without doubt the dodgiest custom I have ever made. Hellasweeeeeeeet 😀

Here is a photo of her back when I first created and stomped on her. Notice the absence of both detailing and a diorama back ground. Nice 60's vomit look curtain though. Totes Ace!

custom datsun wagon - stanced 6

Add some detailing and a diorama and it makes a world of difference...

datsun 510 custom diecast hotwheels


Here's Our Night Time Diorama Shoot followed by the daytime version.




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