It's been a while since I have had a chance to see what my collection of custom hot wheels and diecast cars have been up to so I decided to grab my camera(phone) and see what life on the diorama shelf has in store for us...

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Harley Davidson's

I picked these Harley Davidson Motorcycles up on eBay for all of $8 (Bargain!) and although they are sold as Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Ornaments designed to be hung on a christmas tree, they are so small and perfectly to scale that I wonder how bloody tiny the tree has to be in order for them to be noticed?!!?

If you look closely you can see the hooks sticking out of the seats.... note to self: Cut them off :p

harley davidson diecast motorcycles

More pics in slideshow below.

Snoopy Enjoys Life in 1:64 Scale

It seems Snoopy is having way too much fun on the diorama shelf of late. First I caught him going for a joy ride in a BMW Z Roadster and the next minute he's jumped into the back of a Chevy C10 Pickup!? 

snoopy enjoying life in 1/64 scale diorama

snoopy enjoying life in 1/64 scale diorama

More pics of Snoopy enjoying the dog's life in the slideshow below 🙂


Skeletons In The Closet.

Relax, I am not about to divulge some horrible shameful secret (I LOVE HOTWHEELS!) although I have to say that sometimes I worry about the goings on on the diorama shelf. I think it's best not to question but to simply observe and document. :p

Alllllrighty then Alex.  Moving on....

skeletons on the diorama shelf

skeletons on the diorama shelf

skeletons on the diorama shelf

Speaking of Skeletons and Ghouls and stuff isn't it getting a tad close to midnight? 
Midnight Otto that is.

Hold up a second, can we just take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of that segway.   😀   

Laziest Custom Ever.

The Midnight Otto is a great little casting from Hot wheels that lends itself to all sorts of ratted out custom hotrods and other such crazy nonsense. I however have been really boring and simply painted the thing black.

The funny thing however is that in this case I didn't even remove the tampos or strip the original paint - namely because it was bloody impossible!!

This Midnight Otto was originally a Pop Culture Star Trek car (yep that's right folks, I didn't even do a wheel swap on this thing since it already had real riders) and I don't know what it is about the pop culture series but generally when you try to remove the tampos its quite literally impossible.
Think they must have attached those decals in the heart of a dying star or something. [Thor? you got a second mate?]

So anyway, I just decided to be lazy and paint over the whole lot in black, namely because it was the only colour that would cover the original paint and tampos. The fact this car is called a Midnight Otto just makes the colour choice that much more fitting though wouldn't you say? 😉

hot wheels midnight otto diecast cars



A Fiat, a Super and a Bird Walk Into a Bar...

And the Bird says to the Vicar... 


The Fiat 500 shown below and in the slideshow was a piece I quickly threw together for a mate who drives one himself. I did actually strip the paint and repaint it in a lighter shade of blue - not much lighter mind you and I wonder why I bothered considering the original was the Polizei version LOL.

I also detailed the lights and grill and then stuck this baby back in the blister to give to my friend.

fiat 500 diecast hot wheels on diorama shelf

hot wheels plymouth superbird

I also managed to catch glimpses of a Datsun 510 Wagon Super Treasure Hunt and a Plymouth Superbird that had been lowered so she sat how she was supposed to. 

Enjoy these images as well as a tasty Jada Ford F100 Pickup in the following slideshow (which unlike all the others above will play automatically for your viewing convenience 🙂




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