Stanced Datsun 510 Wagon

If you've seen my Hellaflush Honda S2000 then you will have already seen the results of my first attempt at making deep dish wheels in 1:64 scale. Hopefully you'll also be in agreement when I say - NOT BAD! 😉

Well since I had the wheels still sitting there I thought I would test them out on a Datsun wagon I am currently working on. The funny thing is, the wheels on this Datto are only on one side! The other two are on the S2K in the background LOL.

So really this isn't a custom at all, it's a mish mash of two projects, and again I say - NOT BAD! 

Check out this now stanced Datsun 510 wagon, tell me what you think - and of course if you like it then as always, share it 🙂


  • even out of focus it looks #Hellaflush
  • And a WIP photo of the star of the show being made.



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