Welcome to another My Custom Hotwheels How-To Guide – a tutorial showing you how to make a steering rack so that your next 1:64 scale creation can turn corners, do donuts or drift like mad mike. But enough waffling from me, let’s get straight into it.

How To Make Steering Racks – A Guide by @Vidibrowneggo

Today we are in for a treat because not only is this a guide showing you how to make your next custom diecast creation turn, it is also a mini customiser spotlight as I will be proudly showcasing some of the work of the gentleman who has kindly provided the tips and tricks I will be sharing today.

That gentleman is a very talented customiser who’s work is very unique and instantly recognizable due to the signature look he gives his customs, a signature that is as brilliant as it is badass. I am talking of course of @vidibrowneggo – but then you probably already knew that based on the few customs you have already seen associated with this page didn’t you šŸ˜‰ … told you his customs were instantly recognizable as his own :p

How to make a steering rack and turning wheels for Hotwheels

Creating Your Steering Rack and Turning Front Wheels

Step 1:

  • Sand back the side of the wheels with sandpaper or carefully cut away with an exacto-knife so that the wheel is thinner – alternatively you could use one of the thin real riders
  • Then take some plastic tubing – I would personally use some of the styrene tubes/rods that I have in my possession but you could also use the outer skin of wires – which is what Vidi has done here – and he clearly knows what he is doing. What do I know anyway, don’t take my advice LOL
  • Cut this wire skin (or whatever you are choosing to use) so that it is approx 4mm in length – you’ll need 4 of them

How to make a steering rack for Hotwheels

Step 2:

  • Cut an old axle in half and insert it into the wheel from the outside so that it is sticking through an inch or so and then stab a hole through the wire covering that you have cut 4mm long,.. ah now I see why Vidi is using the wire covering because it would be much easier to punch a hole through.
  • I would recommend getting a sharp pin or sharpening an axle and putting a hole through the middle BEFORE attempting to push the axle through the wheel and blue wire covering – but up to you.
  • Once it is through as shown in the top left of the below image you need to cut the axle so only 3mm or so is showing through.
  • Now glue the second piece of wire covering to the first – as shown in image below
  • Repeat for the other wheel

How to make a steering rack for Hotwheels

Step 3:

  • Next thing we are going to do is grab some paperclips so we can create the steering rack itself. I would recommend following Vidi’s lead and buying paperclips that come with those coloured coatings so you can remember what part goes where after you have bent them to shape, but basically here is what you have to do:
  • Bend the green paper clip into the shape as shown below, how wide it needs to be depends on the casting you are putting this steering rack in. I would recommend using pointy nose pliers to get the bends perfect and also to avoid ripping your fingers to shreds LOL
  • The green paperclip is then inserted into the same holes where the axle is poking through and for reference, this part is what sits on the bottom
  • Next bend the other paperclip (it might be pink, it might not – don’t want to confuse you now and have you like “BUT MINE IS BLUE AND YELLOW DAMNIT! I CAN’T WORK UNDER THESE CONDITIONS!!” *Alright alright, calm down bro

How to make a steering rack for Hotwheels

Step 4:

  • Next you need to insert the pink paperclip (YELLOW SORRY!, I MEAN BLUE!!?) into the other blue part but from the underside as shown in the image below
  • The next and final step is to glue the green paperclip to the base of the car (once you have ascertained where exactly it should sit in relation to the body etc) and HEY PRESTO, you have a working steering rack that you can adjust as you see fit… see step 5 for final pics of what it should look like once applied to the car

How to make a steering rack for Hotwheels

Step 5:Ā 

  • Now that you have added both paperclips you need to affix one of them to the car so that you can actually turn the wheels without sending the whole rack flying off down the side of the workbench.
  • Before we do this however you need to remove the pink paperclip and put it back on so that it is on the underside of the base (we only added it earlier for the point of this guide)
  • Once it is attached UNDERNEATH the base you can then set it in the proper place and glue the green paperclip part to the topside of the base.
How to make a steering rack for Hotwheels

But wait, now the colours have changed to white?!?! I CAN”T WORK LIKE THIS BRO!!:pĀ 

How to make a steering rack for Hotwheels

And there you have it, the ultimate guide to creating workable steering for your next custom hot wheels creation. Because here at mycustomhotwheels.com we offer great advice and don’t….(wait for it) … steer you in the wrong direction #ManImHilarious #ICrackMyselfUp

And now in the interest of awesomeness and general badassery allow me to share with you some of the more recent custom creations by Mr Browneggo, including an awesome story that involves a 3 inch MX5 (Miata) and Mad Mike…yes, THE Mad Mike šŸ˜‰

Custom Hot Wheels by @VidiBrowneggo

This incredibly talented fella also creates tiny little engines (as noted on almost all his other creations) ..

And finally, the awesome Mad Mike Moment…

So Vidi created this epic custom using the Mad Mike Miata –>

and then #nekminnit

how cool is that!!! – well earned Vidi, well earned indeed

Well that is it from us today, hope you enjoyed this how to guide, and of course it goes without saying that if you are not following @VidiBrowneggo then you need to do something about that quick smart šŸ˜‰

Stay tuned for another customiser spotlight – of insanely epic proportions



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