VIDEO – Here’s my method for stripping the paint from my Hot Wheels… It’s quick easy and the only way I’d ever strip paint off any diecast car.

How To Remove the Paint From Any Diecast Vehicle

The first thing you are going to need is a tin of paint stripper. I use and recommend the brand shown below but any will do. My only tip at this early stage is to avoid spray paint stripper as this is far less effective and costs about 10 times as much based on how many cars it will ‘strip’remove paint from hotwheels with paint stripper

The next thing you need to do is watch the video – because I’m sure you’re sick of reading my words as I waffle on…and on and on and SHUT UP ALREADY!

For a more detailed (and written) guide on how to remove paint – as well as tips on how to polish and create spectraflame effects – see this article here




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