A Customiser Took a Stroll in The Woods.

If you have children who are under the age of 15 then chances are you know about the Gruffalo.

For those who are unsure and are asking themselves "What's a Gruffalo?" I can only reply by saying, 

"A Gruffalo. Why. Didn't you know?"

The Gruffalo is a character and children's book written by Julia Donaldson and has won more awards than I think any children's book in history! More importantly, it's a bloody good book that even parents enjoy.

What Does The Gruffalo Look Like?

His eye are orange
His tongue is black
He's got purple prickles all over his back.

He's got knobbly knees
And turned out toes
And a poisonous wart at the end of his nose.

Oh help! Oh no

It's a Gruffalo!

The gruffalo in diecast

Ok so how did I go with my custom hotwheels attempt at making a Gruffalo for my kids?

Orange eyes: Check - Black tongue: Check. 
Purple prickles: Yes they are there, but unfortunately the photo doesn't really highlight them all that well. But still: Check.
Knobbly knees and turned out toes? Well if I added any more negative camber we'd be entering Hover mode! 😉  And finish him off with a poisonous wart at the end of his nose: Check AND Check.

Introducing My Custom Hotwheels Gruffalo.

custom diecast hotwheels gruffalo


custom diecast hotwheels gruffalo






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