What started life as a very nice casting of the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR soon became a Cabriolet of epic perfect proportions. 

Creating a Cabriolet

I'm going to keep the build process simple because, well it kinda was to be honest. This was one of those situations where things just worked and before I knew it I was building a rather tasty looking custom diecast Porsche. 

The first thing I did was to chop off the roof. I always use a Jewellers Saw (hacksaw officially but I find the word hack to be offensive, not to mention somewhat off putting) and in the case of the Porsche 934RSR it was relatively easy as there is only a few thin pillars holding it on. I made sure to cut at least 1.5mm behind the top of the windscreen as I have had problems in the past where the whole thing has bent due to me cutting it too fine. One can always file it back if it is too thick anyway - better this way, trust me.

Fitting an Interior and Roof Lining

This is where the story gets intersting, because I had actually cut the roof off the Porsche, intent on doing a Cabriolet but I hadn't really thought about the interior...until I noticed a Welly's Porsche 356B winking at me from my Porsche cabinet. I couldn't help but notice the interior and roof lining and thought "I wonder"

10 minutes and about 5 mm of plastic from each side later and I had the interior fitting. Truth is, apart from trimming the edges of the sides the interior fit like a glove. Even the roof lining only needed moderate trimming to make it sit flush! Love it when shit like that happens 🙂

So I had an interior lining and I had a porsche with no roof. It needed colour and it needed wheels...

Porsche custom hotwheels no colour

...and clearly chrome Watanabe style real riders where not going work :p

The Perfect Porsche in... Purple?

I knew this Porsche was going to be purple the moment I saw that cream coloured roof lining - I mean how well do those two colours go?! (Rhetorical question- the answer is awesomely)

So now I knew what colour it was going to be, it needed wheels - and I was only ever thinking of one type - my trademark Deep Dish Work Meister Style wheels - colour coded of course 😉 

Yep, that will do.

Yep, that will do.

Painting and Detailing a Porsche

Since I had such a nice interior and roof lining, a very nice purple (it came out nicer than I anticipated) and some killer wheels I figured it would be a crime to scimp on the details - so I went all out 😀

Porsche Cabriolet WIP 3

Porsche Cabriolet WIP 2

Porsche Cabriolet WIP 1

What started life as a mainline Hot Wheels Porsche 934 Turbo RSR looking like this...

porsche original

Turned into a Porsche 911 Cabriolet 

That looks like this...

Porsche 911 filter collage 1 Porsche collage 1 Porsche collage 3 Porsche collage 5

Do You Think Hot Wheels Themselves Would Like It?

Hotwheels approves - Porsche Cab

Why yes, yes they would 🙂


Please enjoy more detailed and sketch-filtered images of my latest custom Hot Wheels Porsche 911 Cabriolet in the slideshow below.





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