The Car Formerly Known As.

We may as well call this car Prince, or whatever his name is these days because it's the only car that blatantly whored itself to multiple companies at the exact same time. Over in the states they were a bit more refined and stuck with the Scion FR-S, Scion being a brand produced by Toyota for the North American Market and founded in 2002, but here in Australia Toyota decided to lend their car to Subaru - who badged it as a BRZ.

So here we are with the Toyota GT86, I mean the Scion FR-S. No wait. Subaru BRZ.

Since this car was designed and built to be a homage to the infamous AE86 I think it's fair we all just stick with 86. Ok done. Sweet as brz.

Regardless, Hotwheels did a bang up job of recreating this new 86 in 1:64 scale diecast form and I had no hesitation in customising one. Well wheelswap anyway 😉

A Surprise Wheel Donor.

I always look at Matchbox and Hotwheels to see what wheels and parts I can steal but recently I found myself looking through my sons collection of Disney Cars character cars. The fact I have a 7 year old son and I am obsessed with cars means his collection of disney cars is more than healthy. Lucky me 🙂

What I did find was sexy as, but I can tell you with absolute certain that these are the only ones you will find. Most are useless. Shu Todoroki however came to the party - and he came strong!

Shu Todoroki gave me some sweet enkei wheels

Lovely looking wheels that are the same size as the larger standard Hotwheels wheel

shu todoroki diecast car disney cars

Shu Todoroki looking sad and confused because I stole his shoes

My son actually had (had!) two of them, one with rubber tyres and one with plastic. I chose the rubber 😉 - I know nothing about Disney cars so hope I didn't just pull apart a chase or something LOL - meh, whatever. Moving on...

This Toyota GT86 / Scion FR-S Now Looks Hellasweet.

The axles were waaay too long since Shu Todoroki is so much wider than a Hotwheels car, but this width was lessened when I bent them to create the requisite camber that would make the wheels fit - and look sweet. If I was to properly customise this diecast car then I would definitely remove them and make my own to fit but since this is just a straight up wheel swap for now I'll just leave it (here) ...

toyota gt86 and scion frs wearing enkei wheels and looking hellaflush

toyota gt86 and nissan skyline gtr34 diecast cars

I've also recently installed a new app called PicsArt on my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and having fun with some of the effects I can achieve as well as the filters of course :p

Enjoy these as well as more photos of the 86 in the slide show below 🙂



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