Custom Hot Wheels Toyota Supra 

Sometimes you do a wheel swap and instantly think ' now why didn't Mattel think of doing that from the factory?'

This Series 3 release Fast & Furious Supra has what I could only describe as a large bloody booger hanging off the side of the car, and it's just nasty. That of course was the first thing to go, followed of course by the wheels (from Peeps VW from the Just Born Pop Culture series)

How to Remove Tampos

Quick bonus tip for those not sure how to remove the tampos (decals already on the hotwheels model from the factory) 
A simple application of Nail Polish Remover (I use Cutex Brand and it seems to do a great job) will remove all the tampos from the vehicle, in most instances*

*I have to provide this mini disclaimer because some tampos were apparently forged in the heart of a dying star and are so heavily attached to the vehicle you just accept defeat and take them off with the paint in one big ugly mess of customising victory.

Important to note, the nail polish remover also removes the whitewall/redline or brand writing on the tyres of the real rider series. I share this because I know many customising friends who spent hours turning the tyres around so as to avoid showing the whitewalls... lol, poor fellas.

Custom Fast & Furious Toyota Supra

One of my favourite customs to date, this simple tampo and wheel swap was an instant success.



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