Welcome to the second installment of My Your Custom Hotwheels – Week 3, December 27th 2015.

Every 2 weeks I showcase the finest customs I find around Facebook and Instagram, collating them all into one article so you can get your fortnightly fix of custom hot wheels and diecast car porn all in one place.  This isn’t about My Custom Hotwheels, it’s about Yours ?

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Your Custom Hotwheels Week 3

Once again, these customs are in no particular order and I encourage you to follow their creators on Instagram and/or Facebook. Enjoy…

Being the season an’ all, let’s begin with some Christmas Cheer.

 Brian Moffitt

merry christmas from my custom hot wheels and diecast cars

merry christmas from my custom hot wheels and diecast cars


fils_customs christmas 4 fils_customs christmas 2

fils_customs christmas 3

fils_customs christmas 1

@LilHotwheeler wishes you a Merry Christmas as well 🙂

lilhotwheeler merry christmas bugrat

A White Christmas…Down Under?!

This next series of photos comes courtesy of a very talented customiser and fellow Sydney resident Douglas Cheung aka @Carllector. Douglas has made many an appearance on Your Custom Hotwheels before with his exquisitely detailed and hellasweet customs but this time he has really kicked it up a notch adding some diorama love and gracing it with a touch of Mr Jack Frost.

Nice one bro! – you know I love a bit of dio action 😉

carllector white christmas custom hot wheels

carllector white christmas custom hot wheels

carllector white christmas custom hot wheels

carllector white christmas custom hot wheels

carllector white christmas custom hot wheels

carllector white christmas custom hot wheels

carllector white christmas custom hot wheels

carllector white christmas custom hot wheels

carllector white christmas custom hot wheels

I left this lovely fairlady until last (I know I know, ladies first) because there’s a little surprise in the back…


carllector fairlady 1

Nice. Clean simple and…

carllector fairlady 2

BOOM! There it is.

Brian Moffitt is back with some outrageous out of the box creativity:

Brian Moffitt crazy combi chopper

Brian Moffitt crazy drag crate t bucket wtf

Brian Moffitt Custom Chevy 1 Brian Moffitt Custom Chevy 2

Brian Moffitt Custom Chevy 3 Brian Moffitt Custom Chevy 4

@1uzshoob won a custom comp (against me too!) with this highly detailed build

1uzshoob tow truck


78toy4dr datsun fairlady z

78toy4dr kenmeri 1

Aan HW

Aan HW - custom crazy awesome


Browneggo apocolyptic

Zhen Hui

Zhen Hui Tres Toyota 2 Zhen Hui Tres Toyota 3

Zhen Hui JDM Garage 1

Teeraplus Gab – Custom Made Engines!!!

Teeraplus Gabb -custom made engines

Teeraplus Gabb -custom made engines 1

Where can I order some?!?!!!


sugarspeed gtr34


witheredcustomz supra 1 witheredcustomz custom chevy

@StreetRod60 – hit it out of the insanity park with this badassery

streetrod60 - kool tombi 3 streetrod60 - kool tombi 2 streetrod60 - kool tombi 1

Erwin Setiawan – this is one badass bug!

Erwin Setiawan Ratbug 3 Erwin Setiawan Ratbug 2 Erwin Setiawan Ratbug 1

@Kool51Designs – mate these are insane!!

kool51designs ratrod 2 kool51designs ratrod 1

@Macustomizer has been busy creating so much awesomeness – as per usual

macustomizer ultimate hunting vehicle

“My build for the @customsunderground “Ultimate Hunting Vehicle” build-off took 1st! Congrats to the other builders for some awesome builds! Can’t wait for the next one!”

Macustomizer tanker truck 1

Macustomizer Frankenstein

“My build for the “Frankenstein Lives” build-off hosted by @customsunderground. Had a lot of fun with this one and the other builds were killer! “

Macustomizer Mr Freeze

“My 2nd place build for a Facebook Batman themed build-off. Fun one!”

Macustomizer Grave Robber Macustomizer a100


lopezraffy porsche with deep dish bbs

@MadworxKustom – with a build I have drooled over for a long time now…and a few others of course

madworxkustom chevy 6 madworxkustom chevy 5 madworxkustom chevy 4 madworxkustom chevy 3 madworxkustom chevy 2 madworxkustom chevy 1

madworxkustom mini ute 4

madworxkustom mini ute 3

madworxkustom mini ute 2

madworxkustom mini ute 1 madworxkustom datsun 5 madworxkustom datsun 4

madworxkustom datsun 3

madworxkustom datsun 2

Darrin Nuner (The Steampunk king)

 Darrin Nuner chopper Darrin Nuner - chevy steampunk

@Diecast_Dxbgot featured last week but is back with more sweet custom creations

diecast_dxb lancia stratos

@Fenddiecast – clean and classy as always

fenddiecast ta22 2

fenddiecast ta22 1

fenddiecast panamera 2

fenddiecast panamera 1

@Dorkpunch – with a crazy John Deere inspired rat rod..WTF? Sweeeeet

dorkpunch -crazy john deere rat rod wtf

Luis Roa Araujo – with some very clean putty work

Luis Roa Araujo Mustang 1

Luis Roa Araujo Mustang 4

Luis Roa Araujo Mustang 3

Luis Roa Araujo Mustang 2

Luis Roa Araujo Mustang 5

Maranello Ferrari – that’s what he calls himself. I am well aware this is a (very stunning) Range Rover :p

Maranello Ferrari - Camel RR 3

Maranello Ferrari - Camel RR 2

Maranello Ferrari - Camel RR 1

Osvaldo Campos

Osvaldo Campos - slimed dairy

@Pdubrewer – won’t go away, creating more clean customs for us to enjoy

pdubrewer ta22

Pedro Schultz – one of the guys I turn to when I need advice. Amaxing customizer.

Pedro Schultz Aussie panel vans

Redd Rockett 

Redd Rocket 356B 1

“1956 Porsche 356A! Cut the top off, chopped the windshield frame, wheel swap done, boot made from bondo, the ugly red interior was redone in Burnt Umber, it was kept Black but repainted and a heavy clear coat done to both the body and interior”

Redd Rocket 356B 3

Redd Rocket dual cab a100 4

“1966 A100 Tow Truck! Two cabs were spliced together to make a crew cab, interior from the parts box, wheels and boom from Tow Mater, most of the paint is still original and a heavy clear coat was done.”

Redd Rocket dual cab a100 3

Redd Rocket dual cab a100 2

@RipCityCuztoms – has been consistently churning out #Carporn in 1:64 scale

ripcitycuztoms civic 2 ripcitycustomz civic 1

@Shadrat_Kustoms – with yet more diecast badassery

shadrat_kustoms ratrod Pacrod shadrat_kustoms ratrod 1


roy.old custom rust chevy

Sharon Tarshish was our first featured customiser and is back with more amazing creations

Sharon Tarshish - chevy snow truck 3

Sharon Tarshish - chevy snow truck 2

Sharon Tarshish - Golf Mk1 2

Sharon Tarshish - Golf Mk1 1

@Syahrulriduan – getting very creative indeed

Syahrulriduan veedbub 3 Syahrulriduan veedbub 1

And last but definitely not least are two examples of customisers who prove that a simple wheel swap is all you need – so long as you take a kick arse photo of it 😀


toy.inc porcshe and eiffel tower


lamalipmimlam stunning photo wrx 4 lamalipmimlam stunning photo wrx 3 lamalipmimlam stunning photo wrx 2 lamalipmimlam stunning photo wrx 1

Thanks for watching!

Remember to follow these guys on Instagram for more amazing custom diecast work and be sure to hashtag your own custom creations with #MyCustomHotwheels for your chance to be featured. See you in two weeks for the next edition of Your Custom Hotweels



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