Welcome to the sixth installment of My Your Custom Hotwheels – Week 6, February 20th, 2016. 

Every 2 weeks I showcase the finest customs I find around Facebook and Instagram, collating them all into one article so you can get your fortnightly fix of custom hot wheels and diecast car porn all in one place.  This isn’t about My Custom Hotwheels, it’s about Yours ?

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Exciting Developments at MyCustomHotwheels.com…

It’s been 3 weeks since we visited Your Custom Hotwheels, mainly because I have been busy putting together something awesome… A DECAL SHOP!! 

Within the next week MyCustomHotwheels.com will be offering a HUGE range of decals that will be available worldwide. Stay tuned for updates on Instagram and Facebook or just WATCH THIS SPACE 

Your Custom Hotwheels Week 6

This week is probably the biggest week yet for Your Custom Hotwheels, with 99 custom pics and over 40 individual customisers sharing the limelight. We also had some spirited competition on a couple of Facebook Groups that resulted in some seriously insane builds making the cut and creating what is arguably the most badass of posts ever presented here.

As usual these customs are in no particular order….well actually they are kinda in alphabetical order because I have so many that if I dont start from the top and work down I’ll lose track of what I have and haven’t added! (#firstworldproblems…in 1:64scale :D)
I encourage you to follow these guys on Instagram and get involved on our Facebook Group where you can find a lot of the non Instagram customisers sharing their awesome creations..


eugztechcustom rocket bunny drag civic 1

eugztechcustom rocket bunny drag civic 2

Eugztechcustom a100 3 Eugztechcustom a100 2

Eugztechcustom a100 1

Fakhrullah Shaudin

Fakhrullah Shaudin wagon family 2

Fakhrullah Shaudin wagon family 1

Fariedz Darmawan

Fariedz Darmawan Fade to Black

David Yaeger

David Yaeger Ratrod


colombus_garage.id ecto dragbus

Chaney Boles

Chaney Boles Sick ratrod


Bobbyt629 ratrod

Ben Cherrington

A new member to the My Custom Hotwheels Group on Facebook who is getting an introduction because his portfolio of customs is TRES MAGNIFIQUE! ..here’s just SOME of the amazing custom creations he has built…

Ben Cherrington VW Van Ben Cherrington Snap on set Ben Cherrington Kool Bus 2

Ben Cherrington Kool Bus 1

Ben Cherrington Custom Collection

Ben Cherrington Combi Hauler

Ben Cherrington Caddy Collection

Alex Ticky Hernandez Hernandez

Alex Ticky Hernandez Hernandez R34 Wagon 2

Alex Ticky Hernandez Hernandez R34 Wagon 1


Aan HW Rod Dairy 2

Aan HW Rod Dairy 1

aan HW Crazy custom chevy hauler

@1uzshoob aka Justin Shubert

Justin took out the title for the Pickup a Custom and Custom a Pickup Comp I recently held on the Facebook group – well done mate… but then the cheeky bugger went and took first place in the Unibobber Facebook Ratrod contest! What a trophy hog! 🙂 – But seriously, credit where credit is due – well done Justin.

Here’s the winning entry for the Custom Pickup competition:

1uzshoob Justin Shubert WINNER Custom Pickup Comp

And the Ratrod Competition winning entry:

1uzshoob Justin Shubert WINNER Unibobber Ratrod comp

Derrick Chai

Derrick Chai - rocket bunny 180 3

Derrick Chai - rocket bunny 180 2

Derrick Chai - rocket bunny 180 1

Edgardo Soto

Edgardo Soto Ratrod Combi


emdeeraycustoms hellaflush toyota hilux

@enemy_kuztomz (in case you miss it)

enemy_kuztomz shark bait chevy

Glynn Kent

Glynn Kent JDM hovermode

Glynn Kent Krazy Kombi 2 Glynn Kent Krazy Kombi 1

Hendy Hendy Lagi (not customs but awesome photography!)

hendy hendy lagi - awesome action shot 2

hendy hendy lagi - awesome action shot

hendy hendy lagi - awesome action shot 3


hotkustoms 356B

Hyperblast Customs

hyperblast custom mini

hyperblast custom mini 2

Jace Drosh

Jace Drosh - ratrod 4 Jace Drosh - ratrod 3

@dubformers  – Jesse Colvard

Jess Colvard Dubformers caddy

Junichi Tsutsumi

Not sure what this is but the file name is ‘Batshit Crazy Creation’ 😀

Junichi Tsutsumi - batshit crazy creation 3 Junichi Tsutsumi - batshit crazy creation 1

Junpei Nakatsu

Junpei Nakatsu - Hells Dept Kombi 3

Junpei Nakatsu - Hells Dept Kombi 2

Junpei Nakatsu - Hells Dept Kombi 1

Kane Gibson

 the guy who beat me out of first place for the custom Dodge Van buildoff with this….Ok fair enough. I’m happy with second 😉

Kane Gibson Dodge Motorcycle Delivery Van

This was mine for reference (and in case you are curious)

Dodge Van Firetruck collage 1

@Macustomizer – Mark Cary

macustomizer Mark Cary Vegas Sign Delivery macustomizer Mark Cary Vegas Sign Delivery with card



madworxkustom chevy wrecker 3 madworxkustom chevy wrecker 2 madworxkustom chevy wrecker 1

But wait, there’s more…

madworxkustom chevy wrecker B 1 madworxkustom chevy wrecker B 2 madworxkustom chevy wrecker B 3It even inspired this equally incredible build from @Streetrod60 aka Stanislas Sawang

Stanislaus Sawung Garuntara El Imitador collage


mangagarage hellaflush

Mark Sowell

Mark Sowell mooneyes

Mike Hutchinson

Mike Hutchinson - Apocalyptic trio

@MyCustomHotwheels…what?! :p …funny thing is it’s not even a custom really.

mycustomhotwheels - sydney action


ndrerw_77 Ferrari 599xx Gulf Racing

Ngazaid Bionix

Ngazaid Bionix Mini pickups


Pattanapong Ruenpak - Monster Energy 2

Pattanapong Ruenpak - Monster Energy


Paul Customs Rusted rod pair


Paul showing us once again that sometimes a clean and detailed custom can compete with the mentally challenged creations we are seeing here today 😀

pdubrewer Paul clean 510 wagon

Pedro Luis Ortiz Gonzalez

Pedro Luis Ortiz Gonzalez - CRX

Poncho Mendoza

Poncho Mendoza - custom chevy

Reynolds Cruz.

And may I be the first to say WOW. Just. WOW

Reynolds Cruz - Just WOW WIP2 Reynolds Cruz - Just WOW

@RichardFormula1 – Richard Marotta

richardformula1 combi 2 richardformula1 combi 1

richardformula1 ratrod

richardformula1 lowrider 2

richardformula1 lowrider 1

@Ripcitycuztoms – Corey Z

ripcitycuztoms Corey Zezzo NSX

ripcitycuztoms Corey Zezzo

Sharon Tarshish

Sharon Tarshish Rally Action

Sharon Tarshish Rally set 1

Sharon Tarshish Rally set 3 Sharon Tarshish Ratrod Citroen

Sharon Tarshish Zombie fighter 1

Sharon Tarshish Zombie fighter 2

Sharon Tarshish Zombie fighter 3

Sharon Tarshish - Tow collage


Yes. Yes you are indeed TJ

TJ__garage custom SR20DET in 180sx

Toy Works

Toy works blown Dairy

Toyworks - boneshakers

And I have actually saved the best for last! – Not sure who did this (please let me know if it’s yours) but it’s the HOTTEST CUSTOM THIS YEAR!

hottest custom ever

Stay Tuned for the next installment of Your Custom Hotwheels when we take it down a notch and bring things back to where it all began – with a focus on wheel swaps and paint only. Start tagging your sweet ass wheelswaps and paint jobs with #mycustomhotwheels and I’ll see you here next time 😉




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