Welcome to the thirteenth installment of My Your Custom Hotwheels – Week 13, October 27 2017. 

Every month (give or take) I showcase the finest customs I find around Facebook and Instagram, collating them all into one article so you can get your monthly fix of custom hot wheels and diecast car porn all in one place.  This isn’t about My Custom Hotwheels, it’s about Yours

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Your Custom Hot Wheels – Episode 13

Today’s episode is epic as always, with over 130 custom images from at least 50 talented customisers – and some of theme are Baaaaaad ass let me tell you!

As per usual the customs appearing today are ones that caught my eye for either being a little bit of fun or just plain awesome and are in no particular order. Be sure to follow these guys on Instagram and of course you can see more of their work and others by visiting and joining our Facebook Group –> HERE

Thanks again to all who contributed – I must say this community is ever growing and it’s an honour to be a part of it!
And since it’s nearly Halloween let’s begin with something fitting…

Xavier Puente aka @that_kuztom_guy

Xavier Puente - Glow in the dark custom hot wheels chevy

Richard Marotta aka @RichardFormula1 aka MCH VP 😉

Jeremy Shane Parker


IBahry AT

@RoyaleSyndicate …have done it again (and again)

Zyzo Tyo

Todd Jeremiah

Scott Bunselmeyer aka @Diecast_Kustomz_by_Scott (and one godzilla-cat)

Sharon Tarshish

Ron Cluney


Riehl Reidermann

Randy Burch

Osni De Souza

Muhammad Riski

Martijn Duijveman

M Razali

Lee Gilbert

Jarrod Ward

Jace Drosh

Hyperblast Customs

Hadi ‘Madworx’ Rochmansyah 

Madworx customs - Hadi Rochmansyah

mind = blown

Geoff Craig (Very clever idea!)

Garry Miller aka @Aussie164Customs

….and then the same artistic genius (@DaZzlaRock) who created my logo decided he wanted to quickly sketch the above custom…

…nailed it!

Edgardo Suto

Eduardo Vale

Darrin Nuner

Daniel Koch

Customs DeVille

Corey Zezzo aka ripcitycuztoms

…and then Corey did a Collab with @64TinyMirrors

Andre Falcao

Anthony Dyer

Agustin Hernandez

Adam King

Abam x Pokmatt Designs

That’s all for today’s episode – but don’t worry I’ve already started compiling the next 3 episodes – you guys keep producing such amazing work!! Make sure to subscribe if you aren’t already and as always – Keep on Customising!



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